Nacon Studio Milan is a new studio that incorporates RiMS Racing’s developer

Th new studio incorporates RaceWard, and will continue to develop racing games alongside action/adventure titles.
Nacon Studio Milan is a new studio that incorporates RiMS Racing's developer

Launched in August 2021, RiMS Racing was a brand new entry into the motorcycle simulator genre, taking on the likes of Kylotonn and Milestone. Now, its developers are forming part of a new studio called Nacon Studio Milan.

RiMS Racing was created by the nascent RaceWard Studio, but today (5th May) it has been announced that a new entity – Nacon Studio Milan – will include the racing game specialists, plus other teams.

RiMS Racing Nacone Studio Milan

The new team will be made up of the existing RaceWard team and will continue to focus on new racing titles. Another department will work on action/adventure games, including a survival game based on a film franchise.

NACON Studio Milan logo

The team recently moved into new premises within Italy’s fashion capital.

“Our family is growing and we are hoping to welcome new members soon as we build our team,” said Marco Ponte, CEO of Nacon Studio Milan, who was the CEO of RaceWard Studio.

NACON Studio Milan office

While the new on-racing titles are not something we cover on Traxion.GG, we are intrigued to learn that the RiMS Racing development team is continuing to work on new projects in the genre, as we felt it was a title with the potential to offer a fresh perspective.

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