rFactor 2’s 2022 Q2 Content Drop launches on 9th May

rFactor 2's 2022 Q2 Content Drop launches on 9th May

After several teasers and announcements, the next big rFactor 2 game update and content additions will be available in a matter of days.

While there have been several teases and announcements for the next major rFactor 2 update and content release, there hasn’t been a date – up until now.

A new video showcasing the three upcoming DLC tracks – Laguna Seca, Brands Hatch and Donington Park – not only shows the new venues in action across a multitude of car types, but it also revealed that the ‘2022 Q2 Content Drop’ will be available on the 9th May.

For those out of the loop, there will be a free new update for the rFactor 2 sim racing platform, using final versions of the quality of life changes recently available through the optional beta release candidate version. These include, amongst others, a brand new sound engine, a racing line option, particle effects and downshift protection options.

A second trailer has also been released highlighting several examples of the updated sounds, with side-by-side comparisons.

At the same time, new paid downloadable content will be available in the form of two new officially licenced BTCC cars, and the three aforementioned tracks. Pricing for these is yet to be revealed and we hope to update you further if and when further information is available.

rFactor 2’s 2022 Q2 Content Drop release date

rFactor 2’s Q2 Content Drop will be available Monday 9th May 2022.

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