Genk coming to KartKraft next week, full game release in 2022

KartKraft on track

On Friday, a tweet from the KartKraft Twitter account announced the future of the Early Access kart racing simulator. Starting next week, the International Circuit of Genk in Belgium will be the first of multiple content additions to the game. On top of that, it was announced that the full game will release at some point in 2022.

Multiplayer racing has been long-awaited, and one of the future content drops will include the feature. That was something that was teased in Tom’s interview with Zach Griffin back in April. Currently, the only online multiplayer aspect is the online leaderboards.

International Circuit of Genk releases on Thursday.

“I think [online racing] is much closer than most people realise,” said Griffin, Director of Studio at Motorsport Games Australia. “We launched a private beta of the multiplayer in KartKraft to a select few last year to test our backend infrastructure. To make sure the scheduled racing is working, and our matchmaking algorithms are correct.

“That was a largely successful test and we’re now focusing our efforts on improving the prediction and collision code so that when we do launch it’s a fully-fledged online racing experience.”

With the announcement of additional content coming through the holiday season, now might be the best time to pick this game up if you were ever considering it. Griffin says that the price will increase with each content update starting with Genk next week.

However, if you’ve been following KartKraft and own the current Early Access version, you’ll continue to get their “high quality, standard updates at no extra cost.” KartKraft is currently available in Early Access on Steam for $19.99 / £15.99 / €17.99.

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