How to use the horn in Gran Turismo 7

Here’s how to add a horn to your car in Gran Turismo 7 with a controller or a wheel, PS4 or PS5 – road vehicles only, though.
How to use the horn in Gran Turismo 7

One feature from Gran Turismo 7‘s June 1.17 patch that was slightly glossed over with the announcement of new cars, a new track and much-needed online lobby setting changes was the ability to use the horn on some of the cars within the game.

As is to be expected, it’s mostly road-going cars that have this feature as racing cars generally don’t feature audible warning devices – although it would be hilarious if Formula 1 cars had them now that I think about it. Instead of moaning on team radio, drivers could just blast a massive air horn at their rivals…

Toyota Celica ST205 Gran Turismo 7, horn

In order to use the horn in Gran Turismo 7, however, you must remap the buttons on your controller or wheel. The feature does not appear by default.

Many of you will already know how to do this but for those who have not yet seen it or didn’t know how to do so then just follow these instructions.

Assigning the relevant buttons

Go to the ‘GT’ icon in the top left of the home page. Then, select the options menu. You now have several options including the one we are looking for which is ‘Controllers’. Use ‘R1’ to tab to it.

Gran Turismo 7, GT Menu

Once you click on that you now choose the peripheral that you use to play the game, which for most of you will be the DualSense on PS5 or DualShock 4 on PS4 which will be labelled as ‘Wireless Controller 1P’.

Gran Turismo 7, controllers options

If you are lucky enough to own a wheel you can adjust the buttons on the wheel as well from here by picking the wheel you are using.

Once you pick your relevant peripheral simply find a button that is either unused or is assigned to something you don’t use very often.

In this example, I have chosen it to be when you click the L3 button on the analogue stick.

Save the settings by choosing ‘OK’ and you are now ready to blast your horn at anyone who dares to do a late divebomb with no real chance of making the corner…

If you have experienced an issue in the past where a horn stopped working after applying an engine swap to a car, July’s 1.19 update fixed that bug.

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