How to run a successful sim racing team, feat. Burst Esport | Traxion.GG Podcast S4 E14

On this week’s Traxion.GG Podcast we are joined by Jesper Pedersen, co-founder, and Michi Hoyer, racer, of the Burst Esport squad to discuss how a professional sim racing esports team earns a living, stays competitive and punches above its weight.

Competing in several rFactor 2 competitions such as the Le Mans Virtual Series and Formula Pro Series, the Danish squad has been expanding its horizons of late competition in the multi-platform VCO Esports Racing League and looking to take part in further iRacing and Assetto Corsa Competizione-based events.

We discuss how they keep the drives on top form, and how they go about finding sponsors and partners plus their opinions on the wider sim racing landscape.

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You can watch Michi Hoyer live on the Traxion.GG Twitch channel each and every Tuesday.

Jesper Pedersen is also co-founder of sim cockpit creators SimPlexity.

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