Horizon Chase 2 gets a haunted facelift in Halloween DLC

Haunted Ride, part of the Halloween for Horizon Chase 2

Apple Arcade subscribers are in for tricks and treats with latest Horizon Chase 2 Halloween update, featuring Haunted Ride skin.

A chilling new update will be available at your fingertips today…literally.

Apple Arcade’s quirky racer Horizon Chase 2 is full of tricks ‘n treats this Halloween, including Haunted Ride—a fresh skin that’s as lit as a Jack-o’-lantern—dropping at 2pm CEST on 27th October 2022. The orange and black paint will have your opponent’s screaming as you pass them by in a spooky cloud of smoke!

Though Horizon Chase 2 is currently only available for iOS users who subscribe to Apple Arcade, Aquiris Game Studio announced back in August the game is just on the horizon for PC and console in 2023. The Brazilian developers have even teased that it will be available for all major platforms.

Have you played the mobile-only racer? Let us know what you think about Horizon Chase 2 in the comments below!

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