Horizon Chase 2 exclusive to Apple Arcade, PC and console arrive 2023

Thomas Harrison-Lord
The Horizon Chase sequel will launch in September 2022, only for Apple Arcade subscribers, before further platforms follow next year.
Horizon Chase 2 exclusive to Apple Arcade, PC and console arrive 2023

The retro-infused traditional arcade racing game, Horizon Chase, is seven years old in 2022 and to celebrate developers Aquiris Game Studio release a new set of missions for the Turbo PC and console version earlier this month.

But now, it has also revealed a sequel – Horizon Chase 2.

For context, Horizon Chase was a mobile-only game released in 2015, before Horizon Chase Turbo amped up the experience of PC, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox in 2018.

Horizon Chase 2 is a direct sequel to that original mobile game, that is still receiving updates such as the Golden Japan DLC in April.

It is set to feature uprated visuals fidelity to take advantage of newer devices since the original launch, online multiplayer support across all game modes and enhanced vehicle customization.

The latter looks to include more variation in terms of which elements can be edited, alongside a greater variety of patterns and shapes. Vehicle upgrades unlock greater attributes.

Horizon Chase 2 gameplay

The online gameplay can be just you taking the world head-on, or playing as a crew with friends. You can, of course, play the game offline provided you have an active Apple Arcade subscription.

Scottish electronic music composer Barry Leitch has created a synth-wave soundtrack, following on from his work on the original Horizon Chase and several Amiga, Commodore 64 and Atari games over the years.

Confirmed locations so far include:

  • Amazon
  • Bangkok
  • Fint Oasis
  • Alberobello

Apple Aracde exclusive, for now

One of Horizon Chase’s defining features is that it’s quite literally available on all contemporary platforms, making it accessible to all.

Horizon Chase 2 will launch initially as an Apple Arcade exclusive. It will be available for no additional charge for subscribers.

Horizon Chase 2 Apple Arcade September 2022

But, as is the trend with Apple Arcade launch exclusives, it will not be available on the Apple App Store to purchase individually nor make an appearance on Android or Huawei devices.

Should you have a PlayStation, Xbox or Apple-approved Bluetooth controller, they will be supported alongside the regular touch inputs.

PC and console in 2023

It would seem the Apple Arcade exclusivity is for a limited period, as the Brazilian developer has confirmed it will be arriving for PC and consoles in 2023 for “all the major platforms.”

Horizon Chase 2 release date

9th September 2022.

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