Hands on with the World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing Super DIRTcar Series pack

Justin Melillo
Hands on with the World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing Super DIRTcar Series pack

Another new pack of content released on Monday (28th November 2022) for iRacing and Monster Games first console collaboration – World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing. Dubbed the Super DIRTcar Series pack, two new pieces of content come included with the Big Block Modified and Lucas Oil Speedway.

The new car and series in the Super DIRTcar Big Block Modified comes included with 17 Platinum level drivers to choose from in Quick Race, including drivers such as Stewart Friesen, Max McLaughlin and Matt Sheppard.

As for the new track, Lucas Oil Speedway is a 3/8-mile, low banking oval track in Missouri. The game defines it as Multi-Groove track as all 16 official track are labeled. This particular venue was recently added to the iRacing platform in 2022 Season 4, but unlike that version of the track, this one has lights.


The Big Block Modified is one of the more fun cars to drive on the iRacing platform, so I was somewhat looking forward to getting my hands on with the newest piece of machinery. Unfortunately for me, the car is a bit of a handful and out of the gate, it’s not my favorite by far.

With 750bhp in that big block engine, there is a TON of power heading to the rear wheels. The way the car is set up, the weight is mostly in the mid to front section of the car with a big, spacious rear-end that looks light as anything. It’s built-in loose and it constantly wants to spin out in the corners.

Tighten me UP! This thing is LOOSE!

Putting down the power, the car instantly looks to turn itself to the left with that huge right rear tire. I found myself changing the setup to be less loose and more tight, a huge change from what I’m used to doing in all of the other dirt racing cars on the title.

Once I got the handle on it, things were fine, but these big blocks do seem to race best at the bigger tracks. The tinier ones just seemed to constantly stack up and produce caution fests. Eldora is always a fantastic venue no matter what car you put on it and it was my favorite in testing with the Big Block.

Eldora is one of the best dirt racing venues in the world and you can’t convince me otherwise.

The car will need some finesse in the triggers if you utilize the controller, or in the pedals if you’re utilizing a wheel and pedal combination. Again, give it too much power and it’ll be so easy to spin it out. Not enough power and the car won’t turn through the corner, or you’ll get run over.


The new-to-World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing venue, Lucas Oil Speedway, formerly known as Wheatland Raceway, is a track that is also quite difficult to master. For real, this DLC might as well be the hard to drive pack, because both pieces take some getting used to.

Even the Street Stock was frustrating to drive here.

While on iRacing, the pits are stationed on the outside of the track, World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing will start you, as usual, from the center of the infield. The infield is an open infield, except there are some giant white tires separating the racing surface from the infield grass.

These tires are miserable. They rest on the dirt surface, so while trying to pull off a low entry slide job on my computer opponents, many times a white tire would cross my path and ultimately end my pursuit.

On your left – a collidable tire. On your right, a cliff followed by a wall.

In times where I took the dive low and missed the tire, or I decided to enter in high, there was another surprise waiting between the racing surface and the outside wall in the corners. The banking wouldn’t continue rising to the wall, instead it would be like flying off of a cliff if you missed the top of the groove.

It claims to be a multi-groove track, and while there are low and high lines defined that can be driven, they are nearly a razors edge thin, and moving too far left or right could see you in a meeting with a tire or a meeting with the wall or catch fence. Don’t even get me started on the exit of Turn 4!

Yep, that’s what happens.

Still, it’s a different type of race track that isn’t particularly my favorite, but it will be a good challenge to take on during my run through the Career Mode.


Thankfully for us Gold Edition owners, the new Super DIRTcar Series pack comes free. It should be an automatic download for Xbox players but PlayStation users will need to manually hit the download button.

If you only have the standard edition of World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing, there are two ways to go about it. For one, you can buy the DLC pack for $14.99 separately and just get these two pieces of content.

Otherwise, buying the Season Pass for $29.99 will get this pack and the UMP Modified pack that released back in October, plus the Limaland track DLC the released alongside the game back in September.

All of the new content is usable in all areas of the title, including in Career Mode, Online Multiplayer and Quick Race.

If you’re enjoying our World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing content, let us know in the comments below. Will you be trying out the new Super DIRTcar Series DLC? Let us know about that too! Keep it pinned!

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