Dakar Desert Rally

Dakar Desert Rally’s V1.5 patch now available on consoles

Dakar Desert Rally's V1.5 patch now available on consoles

The same Dakar Desert Rally patch that released for PC two weeks ago is finally available for console players on PlayStation and Xbox devices.

About two weeks ago, the folks behind Dakar Desert Rally released a batch of updates for both PC and console versions of the new title. Specifically on PC, a V1.5 patch was installed that brought with it needed improvements.

As of Tuesday (29th November), the same patch is now available on consoles, for both PlayStation and Xbox users. As a refresher, the patch adds a steering wheel angle detection feature, enhances the speed and accuracy of your in-game navigator’s calls and removes that annoying ‘Top 8’ rule.

On top of the general fixes, the patch also adds seven new Sport events and seven new Professional events which make use of the extended map DLC, that of which was added for free on console earlier in the month during the batch of updates two weeks ago.


Dakar Desert Rally's V1.5 patch now available on consoles

Those updates are important to the overall experience of this year’s Dakar Desert Rally title. Regarding the Implemented Steering Wheel Angle detection, before this change, players would turn their wheels far too much to get the desired turning effect. Now this should be less dramatic and more realistic.

While Dakar Desert Rally is a big step on from Dakar 18 in the regard of navigator speed and accuracy, having Improved Navigator speed and accuracy will always be a step in the right direction, as it’s good to try and avoid late calls for turns that can get players lost.

As Ross wrote back during the PC update, “much to the relief of players, the dreaded ‘Top 8’ rule has been removed from the Professional and Simulation modes, negating the need to finish inside the top eight of an event to progress.” That same sentiment also finally applies to console players.


Dakar Desert Rally's V1.5 patch now available on consoles

Unfortunately for those who own wheels that are not supported, this update does not add any further support in their area.

The list of wheels that Tom reported as ‘in progress’ will stay in progress until at least the next update, including popular models from Thrustmaster, Logitech, Fanatec, HORI and Simucube.

Be sure to check out the full changelog below for the console-specific update. What else do you hope to see added or fixed in future updates? Let us know down in the comments!



  • Implemented Steering Wheel Angle detection
  • Improved Navigator speed and accuracy
  • Removed the “Top 8” rule from the Professional and Simulation game modes

New Content

  • 14 new Sport and Professional events (35 New Stages) using the DLC “Saudi Arabia Extended Map”

7 New Sport Events

  • EVENT #1 – “Empty Quarter Raid”:
     STAGE #1 – Shubaytah
     STAGE #2 – Haradh
     STAGE #3 – Al Ahsa Oasis
  • EVENT #2 – “Dawasir Valley Run”:
     STAGE #1 – Bisha
     STAGE #2 – Wadi Al Dawasir
     STAGE #3 – Haradh
  • EVENT #3 – “Haradh Twist”:
     STAGE #1 – Riyadh
     STAGE #2 – Qiddiya
     STAGE #3 – Haradh
  • EVENT #4 – “Buraydah Rocky Rally”:
     STAGE #1 – Buraydah
     STAGE #2 – Al Artawiyah
     STAGE #3 – Ha’il
  • EVENT #5– “Ha’il Excursion”
     STAGE #1 – Al Ula
     STAGE #2 – Sakaka
     STAGE #3 – Ha’il
  • EVENT #6 – “Al Alrtawiyah Tour”
     STAGE #1 – Ha’il
     STAGE #2 – Al Qaisumah
     STAGE #3 – Al Artawiyah
  • EVENT #7 – “Jeddah Full Throttle”
     STAGE #1 – Yanbu
     STAGE #2 – Bisha
     STAGE #3 – Jeddah

7 New Professional Events

  • EVENT #1 – “Empty Quarter Raid”
     STAGE #1 – Haradh
     STAGE #2 – Al Ahsa Oasis
  • EVENT #2 – “Dawasir Valley Run”
     STAGE #1 – Bisha
     STAGE #2 – Wadi Al Dawasir
  • EVENT #3 – “Haradh Twist”
     STAGE #1 – Haradh
     STAGE #2 – Riyadh
  • EVENT #4 – “Buraydah Rocky Rally”
     STAGE #1 – Buraydah
     STAGE #2 – Al Artawiyah
  • EVENT #5 – “Al Artawaiyah Tour”
     STAGE #1 – Al Qaisumah
     STAGE #2 – Al Artawiyah
  • EVENT #6 – “Ha’il Excursion”
     STAGE #1 – Sakaka
     STAGE #2 – Ha’il
  • EVENT #7 – “Jeddah Full Throttle”
     STAGE #1 – Yanbu
     STAGE #2 – Jeddah

SOURCE: Saber Interactive

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