Hands-on with BeamNG.drive’s new v0.23 Summer update

Trust BeamNG.drive to release a big Early Access patch that includes a change to how oil is simulated within engines and add a car called the ‘Wigeon’.

It doesn’t get more ‘Beam’ than that…

John Munro goes hands-on with all the new features, which also includes a brand new testbed Gridmap area – four times bigger than pre-update.

He answers all the tough questions, including:

  • How easy is the Wigeon to roll over?
  • How many times will he crash?
  • Can you keep it flat around an almost vertically banked curve?
  • Is he a driving god?

Watch this video for answers on all of the above and to see the new features for yourself. Also, just to laugh at John failing at things – that’s always fun, right?

Version 0.23 launched just a handful of days ago and is free for all current owners on PC. Let us know in the comments below if you’re looking forward to trying it.

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