GT Sport version 1.67 updates in-game logos

Audi TT Cup '16 Gr.4 GT Sport

The rumours were swirling. A Gran Turismo Sport game update on the same day as a PlayStation Showcase. What could it mean? A new car? More news on GT7?

No, not quite.

The 146mb 1.67 update to GT Sport brings with it one single bullet point:

  • Some in-game logos have been updated.

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for, no doubt. Okay, I’m being facetious, sorry. This is a nearly four-year-old game, so any big quality of life changes at this point when we already know Polyphony Digital is hard at work on a new game would be unexpected.

Licencing agreements change, and while the game is still receiving online support, some in-game branding has been refreshed. In the past, the brand-new Nissan logo was added to the Brand Central, so this is nothing new for GT Sport. We’ll update this article should we be able to work out what the news logos are.

As for bigger news, hopefully soon. Maybe even tonight. Then again, maybe not. Plus ça change.

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