Future Asetek SimSports wheel quick release system unveiled

Future Asetek SimSports sim racing quick release system unveiled

Teasing an upcoming sim racing equipment ecosystem, a new wheel quick release system has been demonstrated by Asetek SimSports.

An alternative choice for sim racing enthusiasts is being worked on by Asetek SimSports regarding the various different quick release methods found on various steering wheel peripherals. In short, Asetek SimSports is working on a wheel base system with their own special quick connect and release mechanism.

In a nine-minute video featuring Asetek SimSports CEO and Founder André Eriksen released on Wednesday (3rd August 2022), a multitude of different quick release systems from the real and sim worlds were demonstrated before a new prototype made by Asetek was presented.

The Asetek quick release is curious. In the brief demonstration, the method uses a lever-type system which easily releases and reconnects the wheel to the base. When connected, there is seemingly no play between the two peripherals, showing a secure and sturdy connection.

This reveal of the future quick release system by Asetek includes the notion that there will be Direct Drive wheelbases and wheels from the company sooner than later. This follows the recent news that Formula 1 driver Kevin Magnussen is to be a brand ambassador and the strong launches for two pedal sets – the Invicta and Forte. Big moves.

Future Asetek SimSports sim racing quick release system unveiled

The quick release by Asetek for their future products will feature “zero play, power connection, and support for substantial data transfer” through strong, retractable pins that meet between the wheel and the wheel base, where there should be little to no chance for the pins to bend or break.

“No wires, no Bluetooth, just a simple lever,” says Eriksen.

Asetek SimSports wheel quick release, spring loaded

On the surface, this seems to be a unique selection, varying from the current Fanatec offerings and perhaps close to the upcoming Thurstmaster system – although it’s impossible to say until we’ve been hands-on.

A rather new name to the fold, Asetek looks to be setting itself up as a future household name in sim racing. What are your thoughts on this new type of system? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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