iRacing Off-Road: Championship battle down to Barry and Swane after Bark River

Justin Melillo
iRacing Off-Road: Championship battle down to Barry and Swane after Bark River

The only two drivers who have left a race weekend leading the points in the inaugural 2022 iRacing Off-Road Championship Series season are the two left to battle for the inaugural championship next week.

Following a pair of solid finishes right next to one another, Connor Barry will take the points lead to Crandon by 14 points over Keaton Swane. Neither of them won on Wednesday night (3rd August 2022), however. Those honors would go to Félix Roy and Killian Dall’olmo, the two who happen to be third and fourth, respectively, in the championship standings.

Meanwhile, the battle for top bragging rights in the All-Stars series is even closer after factoring in the drop weeks in the previous races. Luke Knupp and Zachary Drapkin have been the class of the field all season long. Sure enough, they split the victories at Bark River on Wednesday night.


iRacing Off-Road: Championship battle down to Barry and Swane after Bark River

With a points battle brewing, the top two talents on the season rose to the top straight away. Barry scored the pole position and claimed five bonus points. Swane would follow right behind, taking home four points early. Dall’olmo, Nicholas Dachelet and Alex A Bergeron rounded out the Top 5.

The invert put Toni Lähteenmäki at the top of the board after his eighth place qualifying effort. Starting alongside Roy, the pair led the field to the green flag as chaos ensued immediately.

Josh Edmundson started third after the invert, but contact with Bergeron as they took the green turned things upside down for the once championship hopeful. Edmundson was forced into an error which saw him flipping off course in the first corner.

iRacing Off-Road: Championship battle down to Barry and Swane after Bark River

Bergeron wouldn’t get off scot free as he also would find trouble, and the pair would find themselves fighting to stop the bleeding for the rest of the night.

Up front, Roy was able to get around Lähteenmäki for the lead. In third, a career run was brewing for Dachelet, but he had Barry and Swane breathing down his neck for multiple laps.

Barry made the move first, but Dachelet put on a stellar defense. The sturdy moves forced Barry into an error as he lost multiple spots. Swane was able to get by Barry, but Dachelet didn’t play favorites. Swane held strong and settled for fourth while Barry rebounded to finish fifth.


191Félix Roy11 LAPS5050
292Toni Lähteenmäki+1.694 sec4848
323Nicholas Dachelet+2.362 sec4648
421Keaton Swane+4.063 sec4448
52Connor Barry+4.775 sec4247
612Josh Fox+8.895 sec4040
736Christopher Plumley+10.284 sec3838
818Killian Dall’olmo+11.005 sec3639
911Connor Parise+11.499 sec3434
10525Cody Retzlaff+12.109 sec3232


iRacing Off-Road: Championship battle down to Barry and Swane after Bark River

After finishing eighth in the first race of the night, Dall’olmo inverted to the pole position for the second. Christopher Plumley started alongside, but his night went up and over too soon as he ramped off of a berm into oblivion, finishing 22nd.

The early festivities allowed Dall’olmo to pull out to a decent lead as Josh Fox, Barry and Swane attempted to close the gap. Again, Barry wanted by Fox to increase the gap between him and Swane, but once more, it backfired.

Fox was dealing with internet issues through the night, and the warping may have caused a part of the contact that ensued between him and Barry about halfway through. Fox fell through to eventually finish eighth, but the contact also allowed Swane to get by Barry for the runner-up spot.

iRacing Off-Road: Championship battle down to Barry and Swane after Bark River

Meanwhile, Dall’olmo was gone. He had enough of a gap where he didn’t need to push for the rest of the race. Barry kept the pressure on Swane as Dachelet and Roy attempted to get in on the podium action.

One last shot from Barry, but with the bigger picture in mind, Swane would finish second mostly uncontested as Barry took third. Roy and Dachelet finished out the Top 5.

The winner, Dall’olmo, scored his first career victory in the series and becomes the eighth different winner on the season and in series history.


118Killian Dall’olmo11 LAPS5089
221Keaton Swane+1.664 secs4896
32Connor Barry+1.970 secs4693
491Félix Roy+3.497 secs4494
523Nicholas Dachelet+3.691 secs4290
611Connor Parise+7.308 secs4074
758Josh Edmundson+7.616 secs3862
812Josh Fox+7.901 secs3676
987Tommi Hallman+8.862 secs3460
106Brandyn Proudfoot+9.001 secs3262


iRacing Off-Road: Championship battle down to Barry and Swane after Bark River

After being served with a 10 point penalty from the iRacing stewards following Wild West, Swane found himself 17 points behind Barry entering the penultimate event of the season at Bark River. The two qualified in the points together with Barry outscoring Swane by a single point.

In both races, Swane was able to come out on top ahead of Barry, but each position is only worth two points. In total, Swane was only able to pick up three of the points needed to take back the points lead.

Without the penalty, the distance would only be four points, but instead, Barry will have a more comfortable 14-point gap ahead of Swane with only the doubleheader at Crandon remaining.

iRacing Off-Road: Championship battle down to Barry and Swane after Bark River

If Barry can do what he did at Bark River, finishing right behind Swane, even if Swane were to get max qualifying points, Barry would still be able to claim the title by five points. However, it is anyone’s guess as to how the finale will play out, especially with a pair of land rush starts to each finale race.

Mathematically speaking, both Roy and Dall’olmo could have an outside shot as well as Edmundson, but in reality, it would likely take a pair of back row finishes from the Barry/Swane duo for either to have a chance if any of those three’s nights are perfect.

Meanwhile, the relegation battle for 12th has Jakob Rafoss on the bubble by 19 points over Tommi Hallman. The Top 12 points finishers will be locked into the 2023 season, should it happen, while the bottom 12 will all face relegation and a climb back into the series through qualifying and contender rounds.


12Connor Barry633 (–)21313
221Keaton Swane619 (-14)21014
391Félix Roy551 (-82)2612
418Killian Dall’olmo543 (-90)1612
558Josh Edmundson540 (-93)0811
611Connor Parise490 (-143)0210
7112Alex A Bergeron459 (-174)2510
848Cameron Pedersen445 (-188)369
936Christopher Plumley421 (-212)0110
106Brandyn Proudfoot402 (-231)017
1112Josh Fox373 (-260)126
1213Jakob Rafoss370 (-263)136


iRacing Off-Road: Championship battle down to Barry and Swane after Bark River

While there’s nothing more than bragging rights on the line for the Off-Road All-Stars, both Knupp and Drapkin have turned the battle for the top into a slugfest.

Knupp struck first on Wednesday at Bark River. While Drapkin battled hard to try and make up every possible point, Knupp was able to hold him off, along with a charging Zach Knowles making his first start of the season.

The second race saw an invert of the entire 15-Pro 4 truck field, which unfortunately put a really slow Traxion.GG driver on the pole position. After the No. 53 was out of the way, it was Drapkin who managed to snake through the entire field on the first lap to take the lead.

iRacing Off-Road: Championship battle down to Barry and Swane after Bark River

Knowles and Knupp battled for the second spot, but Drapkin was long gone by the time those two made their way through the traffic. It would be Knowles taking the runner-up in the second race as Knupp wound up finishing in third.

With two races left in the first season, only two points separate the Knupp/Drapkin duo. They’ll be far enough ahead of Blake Reynolds and Eliott Watson that they won’t have to worry about anyone else for the title bout.

Traxion.GG’s Aeroteq and RynoGT4 are fifth and eighth in the overall standings so far, and both will be looking to maintain to improve on that in the final races at Crandon next week.


129Luke Knupp74881st3rd
256Zachary Drapkin44862nd1st
366Blake Reynolds24184th5th
43Eliott Watson0414DNSDNS
503Keenan Kusan03928th6th
685Mikey Lawrence03829th7th
772Trever Teal03707th4th
891Ryan Burton03586th14th
9777Adam Briggs03525th8th
1010Brendan Lichtenberg034613th9th
Tyler Hudson – Winner at Wild Horse Pass Race #4


iRacing Off-Road: Cam Pederson, Connor Barry take inaugural series wins at Crandon

This is it, only one event remains in this inaugural iRacing Off-Road Championship Series season. A return to Crandon International Raceway will determine who will take the 2022 championship title in both the All-Stars and Championship Series.

The All-Stars will be up first with a pair of seven minute races, likely in the Beetle Lite, but that may not be the case depending on All-Star feedback. Both the Championship Series and the All-Stars will be on display starting at 8:30 p.m. ET / 1:30 a.m. BST on or the iRacing social channels.


WeekDateTrackRace 1Race 2ALL STARS
122 JuneCrandon International Raceway – Full1010PRO 4
229 JuneWild Horse Pass Motorsports Park1616PRO 2 LITE
306 JulyWild West Motorsports Park1616PRO 4
413 JulyBark River International Raceway1111PRO 2 LITE
520 JulyWild Horse Pass Motorsports Park1616BEETLE LITE
627 JulyWild West Motorsports Park1616PRO 2 LITE
703 AugustBark River International Raceway1111PRO 4
810 AugustCrandon International Raceway – Full1010BEETLE LITE
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