Thrustmaster’s direct drive wheel will feature a brand-new quick release system

Thrustmaster’s direct drive wheel will feature a brand-new quick release system

Sim racing steering wheel manufacturer Thrustmaster has continued to tease details about its all new direct drive, ‘DD’, product by offering a glimpse of a fresh quick release system.

A quick release system allows the swapping of steering wheel rims. For example, you may own a Thrustmaster wheel base, but use different wheels for different purposes, such as the Formula Wheel Add-On Ferrari SF1000 Edition when playing F1 2021 or the Ferrari 250 GTO Wheel Add-On for a spot of Assetto Corsa.

On current Thrustmaster systems, such as the TS-XW, while wheel removal is straightforward, it requires the use of a screwdriver. The same applies to fitting a new wheel too, making sure you twist the plastic support and then placing a screw.

This new system for the DD looks to jettison this system, for something that could be much quicker and easier to use.

In the teaser image, a silver level is highlighted, and it looks as if this is used to hold a wheel rim in place, without the need for DIY.

If this works as it appears, it’s another step towards combating fierce competition in the sim racing market. The very existence of a direct drive wheel base that does not use a belt-driven or hybrid drive system is a new approach for the popular American-French peripheral creator.

As part of the #STARTINGLIGHTS teaser campaign, we’re promised the next piece of information is due on the 3rd March 2022. It’s already been confirmed that all existing Thrustmaster wheels will be compatible, but pricing, availability and technical specifications are still to be confirmed – other than it will be PC-only for now.

Judging by the faux race-start lights in the social media graphic from today’s (20th January 2022) news and the post at the end of December, we are two-fifths away from the complete reveal. We’ll keep you updated when we know more.

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