Fanatec revives the ClubSport wheel base as a 12Nm direct drive unit

The new sim racing wheel base, the ClubSport Direct Drive plugs an obvious gap within Fanatec’s range.
Fanatec ClubSport DD, wheelbase, equipment, sim racing
Fanatec ClubSport Direct Drive (DD) Wheel Base

By Thomas Harrison-Lord and Ross McGregor

Hot on the heels of the QR2 quick release system and the CSL Universal Hub V2, Fanatec has launched a brand new sim racing wheel base – the ClubSport Direct Drive Wheel Base.

Sitting above the entry-level 5Nm-8Nm CSL DD and Gran Turismo DD and below the 20Nm Podium DD1 and 25Nm Podium DD2, the latest ClubSport wheel base will output 12Nm of ‘consistent’ force. It will be compatible with PC and Xbox (provided you own an Xbox-specific wheel) only. The ClubSport DD will not be compatible with Sony PlayStation consoles, but a separate DD+ will be.

The ClubSport DD is open for pre-order now, with units becoming available from 7th November. Taking design cues from the CSL DD, the ClubSport DD features passive cooling through its exterior fins, cutting down weight and noise levels.

Fanatec ClubSport DD, wheelbase, equipment, sim racing

Priced at $699.95/€699.95 (excluding shipping and taxes in the US), that places it against the likes of the Moza Racing R12 (12Nm) at $589/€649 and the R16 (16Nm) for €869/$799, as well as Astek SimSports’ La Prima (12Nm) at €630 and Forte (18Nm) at €882.

The Clubsport DD will be compatible with both QR1 and QR2-equipped steering wheels, with a removable metal flange enabling full compatibility.

It plugs a hole in Fanatec’s line-up, with CSL as the starting-point sub-brand, ClubSport in the middle and Podium at the pinnacle. ClupSport pedals and steering wheels have long existed, but the prior ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 has been discontinued for quite some time – so long ago, in fact, that it was belt-driven.

Those who are visiting the ADAC SimRacing Expo may be able to test the new device at Fanatec’s stand. There will also be a compatible table clamp for an additional $/€99.95.

UPDATE: Fanatec has also announced a ClubSport DD+, which outputs 15Nm of ‘consistent’ torque, a 3Nm increase over the entry-level CS DD, and it will be compatible across PlayStation, PC and Xbox.

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