Everything you need to know about Asetek SimSports’ sim racing wheel bases

Everything you need to know about Asetek SimSports sim racing wheel bases

Asetek SimSports has revealed three brand new direct drive wheel bases, with an upgrade path and mounting brackets. Pre-orders being today.

As discussed in an interview with Traxion.GG in September, and previewed at Gamescom, Asetek SimSports has now revealed its final production-ready sim racing wheel base range.

There will be three models available initially, all direct drive:

  • La Prima – 12 Nm of torque
  • Forte – 18 Nm of torque
  • Invicta – 27 Nm of torque

The devices make use of intellectual property licenced from Granite Devices, but paired Asetek’s proprietary motors and software.

Aside from the force output difference between the three models, there are some feature differences, although the motor and software are said to be of the same quality and user experience throughout the range.

The Invicta features four LED strips on the case, whereas the Forte has two and La Prima none. The Invicta and Forte bases also feature five USB ports for pedals and “future Asetek peripherals”, while La Prima would require a USB hub connected.

The higher-power Forte and Invicta bases will also come with ‘power on’ and ‘torque off’ button, with the latter not included with La Prima.

Kevin Magnussen, Asetek SimSports

Upgrades available

However, if you do purchase a La Prima, wheel base and would like to upgrade over time, that’s possible without buying an all-new wheel base.

The LED strips, printed circuit board (PCB) and power supplies from the Forte will be available to purchase separately. In theory, an entry-level model could be upgraded to 18 Nm post-purchase.

The availability of the upgrade parts and the ease of fitment is yet to be revealed.

André Eriksen, Asetek Simsports CEO, wheel base upgrade PCB

A range of mounts

A selection of wheel mounting options will be available from day one.

Each wheel base has TSLOTS built into the chassis with pre-mounted TSLOT nuts, so if that’s the system your rig uses, you should be off to a good start.

Separate mounting devices by Asetek have been created too, with pricing and availability yet to be confirmed:

  • Table mount
  • Side mount
  • Bottom mount
  • Front mount
Asetek SimSports wheel base mount

A major player in sim racing equipment

The expansion of the range for the Danish manufacturer follows the launch of its Forte load cell pedals and the Invicta hydraulic set – capped off with the Pagani Pagani Huayra R set.

As revealed to Traxion.GG earlier this year, there is a matching range of steering wheels in both ‘GT’ and ‘Formula’ styles expected soon.

This also signals the introduction of Asetek’s new quick release system for wheels, which jettisons the need for a USB or Bluetooth connection. In the future, the plan is to try and pitch this quick release to third-party wheel manufacturers too.

The three new wheel bases are PC-only at this stage, however, the company is actively working on devices compatible with PlayStation and Xbox.

Asetek SimSports direct drive sim racing wheel base range

Pricing and availability

Pre-order for the new wheel bases behind on Friday 11th November at 11 am BST / 12 pm CET / 3 am PT / 6 am ET on Asetek SimSport’s website. Delivery dates are yet to be confirmed, but payment is only required when you order is ready to ship.

The Forte and Invita wheel bases are available separately, pricing is below. The La Prima is only available as a bundle.

Wheel bases

  • Forte wheel base – 18 Nm – $799.99/€799.99 (ex.VAT)
  • Invicta – 27 Nm – $1199.99/€1199.99 (ex.VAT)


  • La Prima bundle – 12 Nm wheel base, La Prima steering wheel – $839.99/€839.99 (ex.VAT)
  • La Prima bundle – 12 Nm wheel base, La Prima steering wheel and two pedal set – $1,079.99/€1,079.99 (ex.VAT)
  • Forte bundle – 18 Nm wheel base, Forte steering wheel and two pedal set – $1,599.99/€1,599.99 (ex.VAT)
  • Forte S Series bundle – 18 Nm wheel base, Forte steering wheel and two pedal S Series set – $1,639.99/€1,639.99(ex.VAT)
  • Invicta bundle – 27 Nm wheel base, Forte steering wheel and two pedal set – $2,279.99/€2,279.99 (ex.VAT)
  • Invicta S Series bundle – 27 Nm wheel base, Invicta steering wheel and two pedal S Series set – $2,319.99/€2,319.99(ex.VAT)

Pedal bonus

For those who purchase, or who already have purchased, any of the existing Asetek pedal sets – Forte, Invicta and Pagani – prior to the wheel base shipping date, a $200/€200 gift card for its online store will be headed your way.

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