Fanatec’s new CSL Universal Hub V2 offers increased rigidity

The frame, electronics, switches and paddle shifters – for which you can then attach a range of wheel rims to – have been upgraded, with the CSL UH V2 right now.
Fanatec's new CSL Universal Hub V2 offers increased rigidity

Fanatec has launched a new CSL Universal Hub V2 today, 1st September, at it’s on sale immediately.

A sim racing hub encompasses the buttons, electronics, gearshift paddles, quick release and a frame to then affix a range of wheel rims designed to. Combining the hub and the wheel rim creates a complete steering wheel, which can then be attached to a wheel base.

The second generation CSL UH replaces the initial design, which has now been discontinued. Compared to its predecessor, Fanatec claims that it features additional metal bracing for a 23 per cent increase in rigidity, which should make for less movement when used in combination with higher torque direct drive wheel bases.

The paddles have also been updated with a revised shape (although without checking side-by-side it’s hard to spot the difference) and a new spring mechanism. The button design looks to have moved away from blank-coloured ‘Skilltes’ to icons with a black background.

Fanatec CSL Universal Hub V2 rear

As ever, it comes with the plastic QR1 Lite Wheel-Side quick release, which can handle the likes of the CSL DD and Gran Turismo DD with the optional Boost Kits. If your wheel base is more powerful than those, you can upgrade to the aluminium QR1 Wheel-Side.

Much like the V1, the V2 works on PC and is PlayStation-ready, but does not work for Xbox consoles. There’s also a slider system to adapt it to different-sized wheel rims. The Podium and Clubsport hubs continue above the CSL Hub V2 in the range.

It costs $/€149.95, the same as the original version, is is available separately or as part of nine bundles that include steering wheels. For example, the Flat 2 V2 ideal for karting, the 320 V2 that could be ideal for rally or drifting or the GT V2 which is, as the name suggests, designed with GT4/3 cars in mind.

Fanatec's new CSL Universal Hub V2 offers increased rigidity 02

The bundles offer significant savings. For example, the CSL Steering Wheel R300 V2 is $/€149.95 on its own, the V2 Hub the same $/€149.95. When bought together as a set, however, the total cost is slashed to $/€199.95 instead of $/€299.90.

The full list of available wheels and bundles is listed below and all are available to order right now.

Fanatec CSL Universal Hub V2 price

The CSL Universal Hub V2 costs $/€149.95.

Fanatec CSL Universal Hub V2 and wheel rim bundles

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