F1 Esports Series Pro Championship returns for 2022 with new format

Thomas Harrison-Lord
The leading virtual Formula 1 championship starts again later this month with longer races and a more spaced-out calendar.

Arguably the biggest racing esports in the world returns for this year, and it kicks off later this month with a brand-new format. 

F1 Esports Series Pro Championship – no, it’s not F1 Esports Pro Series, keep up – will once again utilise the official Formula 1 game, F1 22, and pair it with the platform’s quickest drivers.  

F1 Esports 2021 final, Brazil

The biggest change this time around is the introduction of 50 per cent length race. Half the length of a real-world F1 race, this is a jump from 35 per cent in recent years in a move to highlight further strategic prowess. 

Live on the F1 YouTube and Twitch channels, the 2021 championship witnessed at times two races back-to-back on the same evening. Now, each round will feature three qualifying sessions and races, each spaced out across three days. 

There will be 12 races in total, starting in Bahrain on 14th September and ending in a virtual Abu Dhabi on 16th December. 

Jarno Opmeer Mercedes-AMG Petronas Esports

The Mercedes-AMG Petronas Esports team and Jarno Opmeer head into the new season as reigning driver and team champions, the Dutch driver’s second title in as many years. 

Each team will have three drivers, which they can rotate through the season if they deem suitable. The full entry list is yet to be revealed, but Lucas Blakeley has left Aston Martin to be part of the Veloce camp during the offseason, while the Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen F1 Esports Team has an all-new line-up of Nicolas Longuet, Dani Bereznay and Tomek Poradzisz. 

Alpine Esports will field Patrik Sipos, Samuel Bean and Filip Prešnajder while Ferrari has entered former champions Brendon Leigh and David Tonizza alongside Fabrizio Donoso Delgada.

F1 Esports Series Pro Championship 2022 calendar 

  • Round 1 – Bahrain – 14th September 
  • Round 2 – Italy (Imola) – 15th September 
  • Round 3 – Great Britain – 16th September 
  • Round 4 – Austria – 12th October 
  • Round 5 – Belgium – 13th October 
  • Round 6 – Netherlands – 14th October 
  • Round 7 – Italy (Monza) – 2nd November 
  • Round 8 – Mexico – 3rd November 
  • Round 9 – USA (Austin) – 4th November 
  • Round 10 – Japan – 14th December 
  • Round 11 – Brazil – 15th December 
  • Round 12 – Abu Dhabi – 16th December 

Image: F1 Esports

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