The Crew Motorfest: All you need to know

Justin Melillo
The Crew Motorfest will release in 2023. It was announced on Tuesday 31st January. Here’s what we know so far.
The Crew Motorfest

Announced on Tuesday (31st January), The Crew Motorfest will be the newest title in The Crew franchise of games that’s planning to release this year.

Besides the press release, dedicated game website, a 48-second trailer and nearly-five minute developer’s blog video regarding the upcoming title are the only looks we’ve gotten at the game that’s expected to release in 2023.

Here’s what we know so far about The Crew Motorfest.

What is The Crew Motorfest?

The Crew Motorfest is an open world driving game that is set in on the island of O‘ahu, an island that is part of the Hawaiian archipelago. This is the first title in The Crew gaming franchise since the 2018 release of The Crew 2.

Who are the developers behind The Crew Motorfest?

The Crew Motorfest was developed by the Ubisoft Ivory Tower Studio, a part of the publisher and parent company, Ubisoft. This branch is located in Lyon, France, and has previously worked on titles such as The Crew and The Crew 2, the previous titles in the franchise.

The Crew Motorfest

Is The Crew Motorfest a sequel to The Crew 2?

Technically, yes, The Crew Motorfest is a follow-up to the highly expansive title known as The Crew 2, which continues to receive updates to this day. However, it’s not a numbered game in the series, and per the website, this title is building on the legacy of The Crew franchise.

    The Crew Motorfest

    What platforms will The Crew Motorfest release on?

    The Crew Motorfest will release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, as well as Windows PC through the Ubisoft Store and Epic Games Store. Players will also be able to access the game through a Ubisoft+ subscription on PC and Amazon Luna.

    When will The Crew Motorfest release?

    The Crew Motorfest is slated to release on 14th September 2023

    Can you play The Crew Motorfest early?

    Those looking to get their hands on The Crew Motorfest early can sign up to the Insider Program, which is “a chance to test The Crew Motorfest prior to launch and share your feedback about the game.”

    The Insider Program will have four waves, the first of which starts today (1st February) for PC players only, and it is limited to 2,000 players. There is also set to be a Closed Beta between 21st and 24th July 2023.

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