Dave Cam’s POV of the Week – Week 5, Skip Barber at Barber on iRacing

We’ve got another edition of Dave Cam‘s POV of the Week in store for you all this week, and once again, it’s another iRacing combination. It’s kind of mixing back in with the previous Pick N’ Mix series Dave used to do on the channel, but now he’s doing it from his immersive point of view.

Dave has gone ahead and turned off all of the user interface and heads-up display options, it’s just him and the virtual road again today. The camera is once again recording from the top of Dave’s head as you can see his triple-monitor setup with the V-RSPG from VPG Sim wheel rim installed again for this week.

What is this week, might you ask? Well, its a bit of a cheeky one if we do say so. Dave is hopping into a Skip Barber open-wheel single seater, and he’s racing at… Barber Motorsports Park. A pair of Barbers on the menu, and Dave Cam is ready to take on the challenge.

This season, Dave has taken on the C9 at Le Mans in the rain on Assetto Corsa, the GT4 at Daytona under the lights, the NASCAR trucks at Talladega and last week, it was the Porsche Cup at Monza, the latter three POVs being completed on iRacing.

The field of Skip Barbers are teed up and ready to battle. Dave starts from the 10th position. Where will he end up? Be sure to check out all of Dave’s content on the Traxion.GG YouTube and website as well. Are there any more suggestions for Dave’s next POV? Give us your ideas down below in the comments!

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