Dave Cam’s POV of the Week – Week 2, GT4 at Daytona on iRacing

Dave Cam’s POV of the Week #2 takes us onboard Dave’s point of view as he tries surviving the chaos of Daytona under the lights in GT4 on iRacing.
Dave Cam's POV of the Week - Week 2, GT4 at Daytona on iRacing

The second edition of Dave Cam‘s POV of the Week takes us back to a place that we’re familiar seeing Dave – over in the GT cars on iRacing. While the C9 at Le Mans in the rain was a sight to behold, today we’re going to watch Dave with all the cards stacked against him in a fixed GT4 Challenge event.

Today’s venue is Daytona International Speedway, and these GT4s will be helping to light up the track with their headlights. That’s right, the night time is the right time, and Dave is looking to get as far up the field as possible.

Dave will be driving from the point of view of a McLaren 570S GT4, which is not the best choice in the field of Mercedes, Aston Martin, or maybe even his Porsche competitors. Starting 25th in a 26 car field, Dave is hoping to see his luck change with his safety rating down at an all time low.

Once again, the heads up display is off, the camera is mounted atop Dave’s head, and he’s ready to put us all in the shoes of a tin top racer at Daytona during the night shift. He’s even “borrowed” a McLaren wheel rim, granted it’s a 720S GT3 branded one, to make it all as authentic as possible.

Can Dave survive the craziness around him and raise the roof on his safety rating? Make sure you watch until the end to find out! Also, check out all of Dave’s content on the Traxion.GG YouTube and website as well. Let us know what you want to see Dave try next in his POV down in the comments!

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