Dave Cam’s Combo of the Week – Radicals at Nordschleife – 2022 iRacing Season 3, Week 12

We’ve made it to the final official week in 2022 iRacing Season 3. The fourth season is scheduled to go live in less than two weeks with the new build on the calendar next week. In this last week of official racing, our iRacing expert Dave Cam is going to give himself a bit of a challenge to finish off the season.

Dave had a ton to choose from in Week 12, but ultimately decided upon the Radical Racing Challenge official series. This week, the new Radical SR10s are taking on the Nürburgring Nordschleife in a four lap survival of the fittest.

Deviating from his usual set of Track Guides, Dave has another fun aspect to today’s video as well – his Point of View! Instead of watching Dave’s screen, you’ll be seeing it from Dave’s eyes, as he’s turned off all the UI and HUD components for a truly immersive experience.

Starting from the seventh spot on the grid, which was as far back as it would allow him, Dave is looking to merely make it to the end unscathed. Can Dave get his Radical any further up the grid, or will the Nordschleife reach out and take a bite today?

Make sure that you’re subscribed for all of Dave’s content on the Traxion.GG site, as well as on our YouTube channel. What do you think about this particular combination to cap off the season? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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