First look at Jimmy Broadbent and Gordie Mutch’s Praga R1 in RaceRoom

Praga R1 coming to RaceRoom this December

YouTube’s star sim racer Jimmy Broadbent’s Goldie 2.0 Praga R1 is coming to RaceRoom this December as part of its latest Drivers Pack DLC.

A paid downloadable content pack is coming to the free-to-play PC simulator RaceRoom.

The Drivers Pack DLC will feature an iconic track plus an assortment of fresh new vehicles, including the Praga R1. Sound familiar? Well, Jimmy Broadbent, known to his dedicated online following as Jimmer, alongside his teammate Gordie Mutch actually drove the same car in the UK-based 2022 inaugural Praga Cup Championship.

A grid of uniform cars compete against each other, each with two drivers a piece. Broadbent and Mutch were victorious in the Praga R1, which just so happens to be one of the shiny gems coming to RaceRoom’s Drivers Pack this December.

The full UK Praga Cup 2022 grid is expected in the line-up, highlighted by Broadbent’s Goldie 2.0. Sim racers can also choose from a plethora of livery designs that will help differentiate between the otherwise identical prototypes.

Jimmy Broadbent's Goldie 2.0 coming to RaceRoom's latest Drivers Pack DLC
Goldie 2.0

Accented by a lightweight carbon fibre chassis and highly-evolved aerodynamic bodywork, the Praga R1 has a 2.0-litre turbocharged, four-cylinder engine, built by Alpine Renault’s specialist racing division and engineered with Praga parts for “increased driveability, power and torque,” according to the Praga website.

The stunning car is also equipped with a custom Hewland JFR six-speed gearbox. Gearsets are interchangeable, allowing for optimal performance on circuits of any length and configuration – including the soon-to-be-added Circuit de Charade, which is included in the latest DLC.

First look at Jimmy Broadbent and Gordie Mutch's Praga R1 in RaceRoom
Broadbent gets into race mode

RaceRoom has an abundance of real-world tracks already, with two Praga Cup circuits available for you to experience already (downloadable at a small cost):

  • Silverstone Circuit – €2.49
  • Donington Park – €2.49
Views from the Praga R1 cockpit
Views from the Praga R1 cockpit in RaceRoom

As for the Praga R1, Broadbent documented his first drive back in 2021. He jokingly compared the wheel to that of a sim racing wheel. To be fair, he’s spot on. The RaceRoom version looks to be an incredible replica of what Broadbent and Mutch drove to championship victory this year.

First look at Jimmy Broadbent and Gordie Mutch's Praga R1 in RaceRoom
Broadbent and Mutch’s Praga R1 at Donington Park, 2022

The exact release date and price of the Drivers Pack DLC has yet to be announced, but we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop once more details surface.

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