Dakar Desert Rally

Dakar Desert Rally’s first hotfix amends save losses

Dakar Desert Rally sandy gameplay, Prodrive Hunter

The first post-release patch was release last week for PC and PlayStation and is expected for Xbox users later this week.

With Dakar Desert Rally out in the wild, and promising a robust post-release support and content plan, the first update is in.

The hotfix is just that – a quick remedy to two issues, with a bigger patch due soon.

Released on 14th October for PC and PlayStation players, it’s due on Xbox sometime this week (commencing 17th October). As is the trend, the first submission for updates generally takes longer to process for the Microsoft platform.

The change reduces the chances of losing game save progress, which is key during longer stages should you not have time to complete. During our testing for review on PC, we did not experience this, but several users online have.

Similarly, when the game is auto-saving, frames could be dropped, which is now also resolved.

The main updates expected now before the end of this month include AI behaviour revisions, online multiplayer fixes and control point errors when in the professional game mode. An extended Saudi Arabia Extended Map is also due before the end of this month.

Steering wheel support is also being expanded, but there’s no estimated arrival date as of yet. A list of devices, however, has been published.

Dakar Desert Rally October Hotfix changelog

  • Fixed “save loss” during gameplay for some players on all platforms
  • Fixed the “frame hitching” that occurs during auto-saves when going over waypoints

Source: Saber Support

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