Arcade cabinet racer Cruis’n Blast comes to Switch later this year

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Cruis'n Blast Nintendo Switch jumping

Popular arcade cabinet racer, Cruis’n Blast, will be a Nintendo Switch console exclusive when it arrives in autumn 2021.

Cruis’n Blast is the fourth instalment in the wild franchise and is developed by the studio Raw Thrills. The debut trailer for the home version was showcased during the E3 2021 Nintendo Direct event.

Cruis'n Blast Nintendo Switch

You race in 22 licenced vehicles such as Lamborghinis, Nissan 350Zs and Corvettes across locations such as London, Mojave, Madagascar, Rio de Janeiro and Singapore with 30 tracks in total – a significant upgrade over the five in the arcade version.

On-track, the action is intense in a joyous over-the-top way. You can perform what are called ‘side-wheelies – aka driving on two wheels – barrel rolls and even flip over the top of rivals.

Cruis'n Blast Nintendo Switch four-player multiplayer

Think of it like how crazy-stupid-fun the Fast & Furious movies are, but to video games. The perfect antidote to serious sim racing. Can you think of another game where you race a unicorn against a Hummer? I think not.

The Switch version will allow four-player multiplayer, whereas the arcade version can link up to eight machines. Details are a little scant at present on other console-focused features, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as we hear more.

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