Coanda Simsport take the win in Daytona 24 top-split


The world-renowned esports team, Coanda Simsport, took victory in the 24 Hours of Daytona on iRacing this weekend.

Their team consisted of a trio of some of the iRacing service’s very best road course drivers: Joshua Rogers, Mitchell deJong and Mack Bakkum.

In some respects, it was a dominant victory for the #8 Coanda Simsport team. They led 861 of the 898 laps in their LMP2 car. That said, the whole podium was on the same lap – with Williams Esports in 2nd, 50 seconds behind and Mivano just 7 seconds behind them in 3rd.

Although Red Bull Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen qualified the Team Redline Orange car on pole position in the GTE class, they later retired fairly early on. They received minor bodywork damage, resulting in the car being “3-4kph” down on the straights.

Triple A Esports took the GTE win in their BMW M8 – closely followed by MSI eSports Red and BMW Team BS Competition.

In GTD there was another BMW taking the class win. The M3 GT3 of Team BMW Bank were the victors ahead of Vendeval Simracing Red in the new Lamborghini Huracán.

The start of this iRacing Daytona “Special Event” hit a number of issues at the start. The original start, scheduled for a 1pm UTC hit big problems with the scheduler and was cancelled. Racing finally got underway at 18:24 – over 5 hours later.

Daytona 24 Hours iRacing – Top Split Results

18VRS Coanda Simsport $8Dallara P217LMP2898 
26Williams EsportsDallara P217LMP2898-50.788
35Mivano Simracing Everyeye.itDallara P217LMP2898-57.912
415Team Redline PurpleDallara P217LMP2897-1 L
512Team Redline Ice BlueDallara P217LMP2897-1 L
633DeltaSport U4KDallara P217LMP2896-2 L
717YAS HEAT Richard MilleDallara P217LMP2896-2 L
867VRS Satellite Racing RedDallara P217LMP2894-4 L
929Energy Simsport #77Dallara P217LMP2894-4 L
1013VRS Coanda Simsport #88Dallara P217LMP2894-4 L
1124Inertia SimRacing EURORC.COMDallara P217LMP2891-7 L
1218VRS Coanda Simsport #18Dallara P217LMP2891-7 L
1322RaceKraft Esports GoldDallara P217LMP2890-8 L
1430Obsidian RacingDallara P217LMP2884-14 L
15210Triple A Esports WhiteBMW M8 GTEGTE849-49 L
161MSi eSports RedBMW M8 GTEGTE849-49 L
18707KOVABMW M8 GTEGTE848-50 L
1971BMW Team RedlineBMW M8 GTEGTE847-51 L
2077BMW Team GBBMW M8 GTEGTE847-51 L
2143ASTRO Gaming Altus EsportsPorsche 911 RSRGTE845-53 L
224Triple A Esports BlackBMW M8 GTEGTE843-55 L
2328Sportteam CompeticionFerrari 488 GTEGTE840-58 L
2427AlpineEagleRacingPorsche 911 RSRGTE835-63 L
257Team BMW BankBMW M4 GT3GTD815-83 L
26141Vendaval Simracing RedLamborghini Huracán GT3 EVOGTD814-84 L
27176SimRC Carbon Daytona 24BMW M4 GT3GTD813-85 L
28451Biela Racing Team EURONICS $GT3 ILamborghini Huracán GT3 EVOGTD813-85 L
29142Vendaval Simracing BlueLamborghini Huracán GT3 EVOGTD813-85 L
3048SRC Squadra Corse BlackLamborghini Huracán GT3 EVOGTD813-85 L
3119Team FordzillaBMW M4 GT3GTD813-85 L
3314Aurys Racing Team MRWBMW M4 GT3GTD812-86 L
343CoRe SimRacingLamborghini Huracán GT3 EVOGTD812-86 L
35452Biela Racing Team EURONICS GT3 IILamborghini Huracán GT3 EVOGTD812-86 L
3625R8G eSports Jr #2BMW M4 GT3GTD811-87 L
37116Puresims EsportsLamborghini Huracán GT3 EVOGTD809-89 L
3816URANO eSports HKMBMW M4 GT3GTD737-161 L
3997Team RSO #97Dallara P217LMP2600-298 L
4010#R4RMotorsportDallara P217LMP2564-334 L
4120Maniti Racing GTEBMW M8 GTEGTE524-374 L
4226Triple A Esports  # GreenBMW M4 GT3GTD378-520 L
441DV1 TRITON RacingBMW M8 GTEGTE191-707 L
4579Maniti Racing GTDLamborghini Huracán GT3 EVOGTD146-752 L
4672Team Redline OrangeBMW M8 GTEGTE89-809 L
47169R8G Esports #8Dallara P217LMP20-898 L
4878MB Racing Esport NordicDallara P217LMP20-898 L
4981VRS Coanda Simsport #81Dallara P217LMP20-898 L
502R8G Esports #2BMW M8 GTEGTE0-898 L
5176SimRC Titan $Daytona24BMW M4 GT3GTD0-898 L
5211Logitech G Altus EsportsPorsche 911 RSRGTE0-898 L
5321URANO eSports HPBMW M4 GT3GTD0-898 L
5423YAS HEAT MicrosoftDallara P217LMP20-898 L
55911Porsche24 driven by RedlinePorsche 911 RSRGTE0-898 L

Did you race in this special event? How did you get on? Let us know on social media.

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