Chocobo GP support has now ended

Crystal Scuor
Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy kart racer Chocobo GP will halt all large scale updates following Season 5 DLC.
Kweh! Chocobo GP gets Mar10 Day release date in 2022

Final Fantasy kart racer Chocobo GP is closing up shop. Literally.

Game developer Square Enix released a notice on 21st December 2022 announcing that “there will be no further large scale updates” (new characters and maps) following the latest Season 5 DLC.

Chocobo GP will no longer offer support following latest Season 5 update released 21st December
Via Twitter

Along with the termination of all future content, sales of the in-game premium currency, Mythril, will be discontinued in the Nintendo e-shop, as well.

“Mythril that players own will still be able to be used at the in-game Mythril shop during Season 5 and beyond, but the shop itself will disappear when all purchased Mythril becomes invalid as of 00:00 on 6th January 2023 (JST),” the notice stated.

“Accordingly, please be aware that all Mythril, including any remaining non-paid for mythril, will become invalid at this time.”

The post urges users to spend their purchased Mythril, since there will be no refunds for any spare change.

We’re unsure why this decision has been made, as the post did not give any context on the discontinuation of the Nintendo Switch racer, which launched only nine months ago. However, in comparison to other kart titles, the game fell short of expectation.

It felt more suitable for a mobile platform, given the constant push for you to spend your selection of currencies. Plus, it felt too basic while admiring the competition.

Still, the Final Fantasy racer does feature some fun tracks (21 total) and nine stunning locations to choose from with impeccable lighting that almost has users doing a double-take with Mario Kart Deluxe 8. It’s simple enough to pick up and enjoy, but misses the overall mark in what we’re looking for with this style of karting game.

A silver lining for fans of the franchise, though: Chocobo GP will remain playable and rankings will carry on, without having to use prize pass levels, too.

“We hope you continue to enjoy ‘Chocobo GP’,” the statement concluded.

Via Square Enix

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