Chocobo GP

Kweh! Chocobo GP releases in March 2022

Kweh! Chocobo GP gets Mar10 Day release date in 2022

Details emerged on Tuesday surrounding Nintendo and Square Enix’s latest racing adventure collaboration. Chocobo GP, based on the Final Fantasy game series, has a new release date and further information surrounding the upcoming racing game.

The magical adventure will drop on 10th March 2022 on the Nintendo Switch platform. It’s stylized March 10th over here in the US, so the date can be playfully shortened to Mar10 Day in honor of the red-capped plumber mascot, Mario. While Chocobo GP isn’t technically another Mario Kart, it definitely takes a lot of inspiration from the popular arcade-style racer.

The new trailer revealed that new courses and new characters can be unlocked through the game’s Story Mode. Series championships will be made up of four race events with a standard points keeping system. There will be a Time Attack mode and Custom Races with race course and Magicite selections to choose from.

Chocobo GP will also offer local and online multiplayer modes. Up to 64 players can compete in an online knockout tournament. Rewards will be unlocked by competing in each season. As we already knew from the announcement of the game, each ride will have customization options.

Those looking to get in on Chocobo GP can wishlist the game now through the Nintendo website. Are you looking forward to taking on this fantasy racer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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