Asetek SimSports showcases sim racing ABS system

A real-world automotive anti-locking braking system will be modified for sim racing use by Asetek SimSports in 2023, working with its existing Invicta hydraulic pedal system.
Asetek SimSports showcases sim racing ABS system

Asetek SimSports – the burgeoning sim racing arm of the establish Danish PC hardware manufacturer – has revealed a working prototype of an anti-locking braking system for sim racing.

Billed as an optional upgrade for the existing Invicta hydraulic pedals – which in turn can be initially purchased as load cell La Prima or Forte models before being upgraded – the ABS module will provide pulsating feedback through the brake pedal

The aim is to recreate the systems used in modern-day road cars and several racing models, such as the GT3 category.

Asetek SimSports THORP ABS sim racing system, Traxion and Andre Eriksen

However, the Invicta T.H.O.R.P. ABS System is not a facsimile of a braking system, but real-world specification ABS adapted for sim racing.

“That is a real ABS system,” said Asetek SimSports CEO André Eriksen to Traxion.GG.

“It’s an ABS pump and valve system from a real car. Since we have a hydraulic system in our Invicta pedals anyway, we’ve just connected the two.”

“You could argue if you want to if it feels right or not, but it’s a moot point. How can it not feel right when it’s an ABS pump from a real car?”

Asetek SimSports THORP ABS sim racing system

Revealed during the 2022 SimRacing Expo in Nürnberg, Germany, it’s in a prototype stage at present. While not on a sim rig to try, visitors cash push a hydraulic pedal with the ABS attached and feel the pulsating feedback.

“As this is sim racing, we are going to offer a software feature where you will be able to play around with the frequency,” explained Eriksen.

“You cannot do that in a real car, it is as it is. But you will be able to fine-tune it. So the frequency of the pedalling hovering back and forth will actually be used.

The unit attaches to the existing pedals, as the holes and fittings required have been integrated from day one within Asetek’s design.

Asetek SimSports THORP ABS sim racing system SimRacing Expo

There’s no release date or pricing yet, with a 2023 launch estimate at present.

“We have not done lifetime testing yet, for example,” continued Eriksen.

“The seals and the O-rings, springs, everything in our brake cylinder has been tested to more than a million activations. But of course, we never tried it with an ABS system for a longer period of time. The same with ABS pump.

“Mechanically we are there, but I would say [for the] software and hardware we need to work on the integration.”

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