Radical has created a motorsport-inspired sim racing cockpit with Advanced SimRacing

British sports car manufacturer Radical has collaborated with Advanced SimRacing and D-BOX to build its motorsport-inspired ASR-F PRO cockpit.
Radical teams up with Advanced SimRacing and D-Box to create motorsport-inspired cockpit

Radical Motorsport, the British-based manufacturer of race-focused sports cars, has today (1st December 2022) unveiled the fruits of its collaboration with sim racing chassis manufacturer Advanced SimRacing. 

Radical is one of the most prolific builders of sports cars in the world, producing over 2,800 cars throughout its 25-year history. It also organises and runs several single-make global racing series catering to amateur and professional customers. 

The ASR-F PRO – Radical Edition is an aluminium sim racing cockpit designed to mimic the seating position of a real Radical sports car, enhanced by feedback from competitors from Radical’s recent World Finals day at Spring Mountain Motor Resort, near Las Vegas. 

Radical teams up with Advanced SimRacing and D-Box to create motorsport-inspired cockpit

“This is, without a shadow of doubt, the most robust sim racing chassis ever created. Thanks to our unique design and top-grade North American aluminium alloy, you can rest assured that this chassis will bring out the true potential of the most powerful sim racing peripherals available today,” stated a confident Nikolas Dubois, COO and Co-Founder of Advanced Sim Racing . 

“We’re delighted to partner with Radical Motorsport, having supported the Radical Cup North America series in the 2022 season and invited to join the celebrations at the Radical World Finals in Las Vegas,” he continued. 

The ASR-F PRO features mounting points for Logitech, Fanatec, Thrustmaster, Moza, Accuforce and Simagic wheels, with compatibility for a range of pedals (although not Logitech G29 pedals or Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3). 

Radical Motorsport sim racing

Steel plates front and rear provide the rigidity extolled by Dubois, with extra over options including customised UV print/vinyl chassis liveries. Interestingly, the same livery can also be applied to customers’ in-game Radical. 

“Over the past two years we’ve noticed a large and growing community of virtual Radical racers, and with the launch of the SR10 in iRacing earlier this year we realised that a lot of our current ‘real-world’ Radical owners are also taking advantage of sim racing as a training and preparation tool for the various Radical Cup series around the world,” said Jon Roach, Radical Motorsport’s Global Head of Marketing. 

“This partnership with Advanced Sim Racing will allow us to offer a tailored solution for both fans and Radical owners around the world.” 

Radical has dabbled in the world of sim racing previously, having licenced the use of its SR10 model in iRacing earlier this year as well as collaborating with Studio 397 in bringing its SR3 XX and the RXC Turbo GT3 cars to rFactor 2

The ASR-F PRO will also be available with D-BOX haptic and motion feedback options from the outset. 

Radical teams up with Advanced SimRacing and D-Box to create motorsport-inspired cockpit

“D-BOX is proud to be collaborating with Advanced SimRacing and Radical Motorsport on this unique project. By combining our FIA-licensed haptic technology with ASR’s & Radical’s industry expertise, we are able to create an experience that goes above and beyond what a traditional simulator without motion can bring, which provides drivers with extremely realistic feedback, without having to be behind the wheel of a real car,” said Sébastien Mailhot, President and Chief Executive Officer of D-BOX Technologies Inc. 

The ASR-F PRO cockpit is available to pre-order now from the Advanced SimRacing website, with the first orders set to ship Q1 2023, costing 2499.99$ CAD/1949.99$ USD (seat not included). 

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