Arr, Matey! Turbo Golf Racing’s new Pirate Update celebrates one million players

Turbo Golf Racing releases a treasure of content in new Pirate Update after reaching over one million players in just six months.
Turbo Golf Racing gifts players with Pirate Update after reaching one million mark

Just shy of its six-month release date anniversary, Turbo Golf Racing hits a milestone hole-in-one…million.

The high-flying, Rocket League-esque arcade game has welcomed over a million golfers onto their virtual putting green. To celebrate the amazing feat, indie game developer Hugecalf Studios has gifted users with a treasure chest of new content.

Don’t worry – you won’t have to walk the plank for it either.

As the name suggests, Turbo Golf Racing’s flashy update is pirate-themed and features car items, a community ball event and two bountiful levels – Precision Decisions and Mountain Pass. Bringing the total number of playable courses to 57.

Shiver me timbers!

It’ll cost you a whopping zero doubloons, too. Yup, it’s completely free.

Test your skills in two epic timed events filled with 15 missions and a booty of rewards. That’s pirate for loot, by the way. Players can spend some gold on seven new shop items that will surely transform any vehicle into Captain Jack Sparrow.

Turbo Golf Racing’s latest DLC is available as of 26th January and includes the following Patch Notes:


  • Default camera settings have been updated.
  • Changed the lobby scene to an Aztec aesthetic.
  • Added alternate routes to Anahuac.
  • Flying aspect of the tutorial has been changed.
  • Added a UI prompt to the car selection screen.
  • Reworked the car handbrake.
  • Camera has been improved when using handbrake and turning at high speeds.
  • Ball collisions have been improved.
  • Quests have been renamed as Missions.
  • Game icon has been updated.
  • Added an option to invert the gliding controls.


  • Addressed skips across Dust Bowl, Spots and Shots, Round the Bend and The Snake.
  • Addressed issues with tunnels in Atl.
  • Decal garage icons have been improved.
  • Fixed issue where the game was booting in the wrong language.

Via Hugecalf Studios

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