Mammoth TrackDayR update adds four new tracks and tweaked physics 

Motorcycle sim TrackDayR enjoys another huge update thanks to four new tracks – including an indoor Supercross stadium.
Mammoth TrackDayR update adds four new tracks and online lobby creation 

TrackDayR developer MadCow has released a huge new update for its motorcycle simulator, introducing four new tracks, further tyre model improvements and the ability for players to create their online lobbies with up to 22 spaces. 

Mammoth TrackDayR update adds four new tracks and online lobby creation 


Of the new tracks, three are located within a new Supercross-style stadium environment. Looking similar to the massive Supercross venues found in the USA, the Alameda SX, Millcreek SX and Orange County SX tracks are ready for short-course off-road racers to get to grips with right now. 

A further new track, Tarn MX, appears to be a version of a real-world motocross circuit located in  France. Royal Hills is located in Tarn, France, and is home to an assortment of mountain bike and motocross trails, plus overnight accommodation. 

The compact site is a haven for motorcyclists with jumps on their minds and this translates into its TrackDayR re-creation. Sign me up! 

As an added bonus, all existing and new circuits have been updated to the latest Unity3D engine version. 

Mammoth TrackDayR update adds four new tracks and online lobby creation 
Orange County Supercross track

Online lobbies 

It is now possible for TrackDayR players to set up online lobbies, with space available for up to 22 players. Ideal for up some impromptu dirt bike action with friends. 

The team has also added in-game text chat to help players communicate in multiplayer sessions too. One more reason to keep the racing clean, then…

With minor physics adjustments and a revised anti-cut system TrackDayR continues to make strides forward, with bike handling feeling weighty and nuanced. 

How would you judge the progress of TrackDayR in recent times? Let us know in the comments below. 

Mammoth TrackDayR update adds four new tracks and online lobby creation 

TrackDayR v1.0.95.51 changelog 

  • new multiplayer race mode 
  • new multiplayer settings sharing mode 
  • new host options selection window 
  • new starting procedure from the gate 
  • new tracks ( AlamedaSX, Millcreek SX, Orancge County SX, TARN MX ) 
  • new surface reading system on jump 
  • improved fastbump simulation on suspensions 
  • general suspension bump/rebound improvement 
  • flip bug fix 
  • reset camera bug fix 
  • saved camera TPS 
  • improved pit stop retire functionality 
  • improved positioning in multiplayer 
  • added chat function (T key) 
  • improved rear wheel traction 
  • improved control in air 
  • quick restart and instant go to box 
  • fixed music menu in game 
  • new shader for the whole terrain system 
  • LOT OF MINOR FIXES – sincerely we have lost count of them
  • known issue old rider model on ghost laps in TimeattackR are broken 
  • We will evaluate in the next days if to clear leaderboards (maybe partially) 
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