GRID Legends’ latest trailer showcases hop-in multiplayer

Ross McGregor

Details on Codemasters EA’s new entry in the GRID franchise, GRID Legends, have been drip-fed to us consistently over the past few months, and we’ve been shown a huge amount of content since the initial announcement back in July 2021.

Today, the developers have released the official GRID Legends trailer ahead of its launch on the 25th February, and there are a couple of new features to talk about.

The trailer begins with a Brabham BT62 looking fairly racy in neon on the sunset-kissed London street circuit, before moving onto the Driven to Glory story content we reported on recently.

We then look at the return of drifting to the series – its first appearance since GRID Autosport. The trailer shows a drift car – in this case, a rather unconventional Mitsubishi Evo X rear-drive conversion – accruing points based on length and quality of drift, showing us another discipline for gamers to master.

Drift joins several new features, including a new hop-in multiplayer mode, which is also shown in action. This allows players to jump seamlessly into the middle of races, catering for up to 22 players. This was hinted at during our podcast with Creative Director Chris Smith and Associate Creative Director Steven Brand in December of last year.

Quite how this will affect scores and rewards is unclear, especially as the multiplayer modes are cross-platform, but it certainly ends the agonising wait for players to join the action – perfectly suiting GRID Legend’s accessible and fun ethos.

Electric boost in action!

Another new feature is Electric racing. The trailer shows GRID’s Formula E style cars using speed boosts – a little arcadey touch to add another layer of interest to players. Stadium Super Trucks are also shown in a bit more detail, with damage and massive jumps thrown in to add to the sonorous V8 excitement.

Elimination races, like Drift, make a return to the series. As the name suggests, these involve the player staying ahead of their rivals before the countdown hits zero. Multi Class races are later teased, with the Dumont Classic Big Rig going up against the afore-mentioned Brabham and Dumont T36 Brawler Sport vehicles… with predictable results.

Pretty sure supercars aren’t meant to do that.

GRID Legends launches on February 25th for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC via Steam and Origin.

Are you looking forward to GRID Legends? Let us know in the comments below!

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