American Big Twins and new physics arrive in TrackDayR

American Big Twins and new physics arrive in TrackDayR

The unique sight of Bagger racing has now been added to Early Access motorcycle simulator TrackDayR.

The Race Bagger Big Twins bike is a sight to behold. Inspired by the King of the Baggers race in the USA, this is a big, luxurious cruising motorcycle with saddlebags (hence the name) that is then turned into a weird Frankenstein of a race bike.

With TrackDayR the hardest or hardcore biking simulators, we expect this new addition – which is free to all current owners – to be a serious challenge. You’ll have to muscle around 190 Nm/140 lb-ft of torque.

The new ride isn’t all that’s fresh in the build, as a new tyre model has been added – no mean feat.

There are also changes to the way wobble steering is balanced, how the suspension transfers weight and how the surface reacts. With a heavy revision to the physics, the handling will now feel significantly different.

As a result, the leaderboards have been wiped for the PC-only title.

We’ve included the full changelog below. Let us know if you’re tempted at trying a motorcycle simulator in the comments below.

TrackDayR Changelog, June 2021 update

New content

  • Race Bagger Big Twins


  • slipping rear tire
  • Tire fix
  • frontlink rigidbody creation and update

Bike Mod Tool

  • new springtype 6 with distance


  • new tire models
  • new bikeset
  • new tire model compound 3
  • new tire model
  • some fix for new C.F. calculation
  • EXPERIMENTAL new C.F. calculation
  • add C.L.S. leaning
  • adjust ground contactpoint
  • adjust speed treshold of fastbump
  • add per spring fastbump configuration
  • new CF suspension transfer
  • new engine drivetrain inertia
  • wobble steering balancing
  • new front tire model for crash reduction
  • new front tire model for crash
  • new loose forward wheel
  • steering tune
  • New Virtual Rider balance system during braking
  • New Surface drag
  • Updated surface-dependent friction management
  • Pacjeka tool
  • upgrade wheel code
  • upgrade tire compound 2 and 3
  • change bike ini 675,1000,1200 (steering 1.2)


  • change ECU map button
  • Virtualrider changing steering/brake behaviours
  • Start spring maxlength dynamic regulation
  • Fix Rebuild wheel raycast center on change swingarm
  • Major release ALPHA garage


  • new compound model
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