F1 2020

WATCH: Alex Gillon Presents – F1 2020 My Team, Episode 6

They say that all good things must come to an end. If that’s the case for the incredible winning streak had by the Traxion.GG F1 team in this episode of Alex Gillon’s F1 2020 My Team playthrough, we’ll then, lets just be glad it happened.

Alex has been warning us all for weeks that his masterful run so far has been incredible and unheard of, especially running at 110% difficulty with only the sixth or seventh best car on the grid. Taking on the British Grand Prix at Silverstone Circuit in normal conditions is one thing, but add pouring rain to the mix and you’ll have a recipe for change at the top of the leaderboards in any circumstance.

Currently leading the Drivers and Constructors Standings, Alex made a few more upgrades to the car for this week’s battle at Silverstone. Still, the team sits sixth overall in performance with teammate Mick Schumacher still yet to score any points. Unless Alex can win out the rest of the season, the Constructors looks to be a tough title to take.

With a rain racing setup in preparation for the gnarly weather on the car this time around, it doesn’t help that it was bone dry during qualifying, and that means Alex and the Traxion.GG team will have a huge hole to dig out of from the 17th stating position. Can Alex fight through the typical British weather to get to the front to preserve the winning streak?

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