2021 iRacing Season 4 Ferrari GT3 Challenge – Week 11 at Watkins Glen Track Guide | Dave Cam

Only two weeks remain in iRacing‘s 2021 Season 4. This week, the Ferrari GT3 Challenge comes back to America for some racing in Upstate New York at historic Watkins Glen Int’l. The NASCAR Cup layout will be in use in Week 11, which means the bus stop will be in play, but not the boot.

After reclassification of the track recently, Watkins Glen no longer counts the four turns in the bus stop towards the corner count, so there are only seven total on the Cup layout. It is 2.45-miles or 3.94-kilometers in length, and the version on iRacing might be one of the oldest on the service currently.

Oh yeah, we’ve got Dave Cam as always to take the iRacing Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO around another twisty track in his Heusinkveld Sim Rig GT. Through the esses, bus stop and the carousel, Dave knows what you need to get all you can at The Glen. It’s that slow and methodical approach, it never fails.

This writer, for one, will be watching and taking every note he can. Watkins Glen is such a fun track and the cup layout lends itself to be one of the easiest to mess up. It’s also one of the best to stay consistent at, so definitely have a watch.

Besides Watkins Glen, we’ve got a whole selection of track guides from the third and fourth seasons, as well as other Dave Cam videos posted on Traxion. Keep it pinned for more Dave Cam and gives us a thumbs up if this guide was able to help you out this week.

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