2021 iRacing Season 3 Patch 4 released 29 July

Justin Melillo

The fourth patch for the third season on the 2021 calendar year for iRacing is now available. This patch is, well, fairly managerial in the sense that there’s some random fixes and updates that likely were needed, but there’s not much to pick out that stands out for members to be excited for.

There haven’t been many patches in this particular season, comparatively to the last few at least. We know the scan van is back on the road, however, and there may have been a tease of new content during the NASCARCADE documentary on FOX Sports 1 on Tuesday night, so there could be new content awaiting us for the Season 4 build.

An interesting note on the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (991) is in there. It was running the New Damage Model, but this update has reverted it back to the old one to “take advantage of some updates and improvements.” Likely, that car and more will get NDM in future updates.

Laguna Seca has been on the service for as long as I can remember, so it’s nice to see that it is getting its name updated properly. Mostly, this patch has UI updates as the desktop program continues to evolve. Many of the features that continue to develop are on the UI program now… That’s still not going to stop me from using the member site for everything else, iRacing!

We’ve got the full patch notes below, as well as a screenshot from the updater from an account that owns 100 percent of the content. Sometimes, there are updates to content not listed in the patch notes. It seems that Bristol Motor Speedway, Five Flags Speedway and The Bullring are getting some update, but it’s not specified exactly what.

2021 Season 3 Patch 4 Release Notes [2021.07.28.01]


Series Schedule

  • Inside the Series Schedule, users now have the option to purchase an unowned track.

Hosted Racing

  • When changing the selected track for a Hosted Session, the number of maximum allowable drivers now switches to the default maximum amount for the new track.
  • Fixed an issue where the multi-car selection window could appear empty for Test Drive Sessions created from a multi-car Hosted Session.


  • Fixed an ungraceful error that could display when a user attempted to register themself for a second team.


  • The ability to set a Starting Grid for the Feature Race of a Heat Racing weekend for Hosted League Sessions has been added.
  • – All drivers permitted to enter the Session must be added to the Starting Grid in order for them to proceed to the Feature Race.
  • – The number of drivers to advance to the Feature Race must be specified in the Heat Racing configuration of the weekend.

Time Attack

  • When in use, the appropriate level of Qualifying Conduct Scrutiny used during a Time Attack Competition is now displayed.

Paint Shop

  • Fixed an exciting typo in the title bar of the Team Paint Shop!!!
  • Fixed an issue with the Paint Shop model window where it could get stuck in a loading state when changing cars while unsaved changes were present.


  • If you purchase an item via the Classic Membersite while viewing it in the iRacing UI, it’s ownership status now immediately updates correctly.

My Account

  • A “Manage My Account” button has been added to the My Account window.


  • Fixed a bug where Division was displaying incorrectly by one number off.
  • Corrected an issue that caused some Awards and/or their completeness percentage to display incorrectly.



  • Fixed a Simulator crash issue seen at night when DNSM is set to 1 light and PSSM shadows are disabled.


Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR

  • A new fixed paint scheme has been added.

Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (991)

  • The Old Damage Model has been re-enabled for this vehicle in order to take advantage of some updates and improvements.


WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca

  • This track name has been updated.
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