You’ll be able to sell cars in Gran Turismo 7 following its next update

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Being able to earn cash for duplicate cars, or trading in to reach a special Legendary Cars purchase, will be possible following Gran Turismo 7’s 1.26 update.
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The must-requested feature – being able to sell cars for cash – is finally coming to the driving game Gran Turismo 7.

The genesis of the feature stems back to 25th March. Following a successful launch, things went a bit awry for Polyphony Digital’s latest title, its nadir arriving when the team made changes to the in-game economy and the servers went offline for 33 hours.

A statement from the franchise explained that it would “make it so cars can be sold” alongside further features in the “near term.”

The time is now going to be on Thursday 24th November.

The specifics aren’t clear as of today, but the PlayStation Blog stated the following:

“With the latest 1.26 patch update installed (internet connection required), players would be able to sell cars within their personal garage once the GT Café Menus are completed.”

One stipulation

Gran Turismo 7 Cafe Menu Book 7, unlock GT Auto

While being able to sell cars should be a superb feature to earn some cash for any duplicate cars collected, you must have completed the GT Café Menus.

This is the main ‘career’ mode of sorts within the game. At first, that may sound limiting, but if you haven’t completed them, then the likelihood of you having a large garage at this point is relatively slim.

There are 39 initial Café Menu books, completing which trigger an ending film. Since then seven have been added, however, we would anticipate completing the original 39 will unlock the sellng cars feature. We will endeavour to confirm this tomorrow.

Additional content

Update 1.26 will add the new feature alongside Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta, the BMW M2 Competition ’18, Ford Sierra RS 500 Cosworth ’87 and Nissan Silvia K’s Aero (S14)’ 96. One track, three cars, plus a quiz pertaining to the Gran Turismo World Series esports Grand Final where players could win prizes.

A new Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo car will also be unveiled on Sunday 27th November, and should you do well on the aforementioned quiz, it could be yours for free on 15th December.

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