Gran Turismo 7’s Ferrari Vision GT unlocks 15th December

Gran Turismo 7's Ferrari Vision GT unlocks 15th December

The Viewers Gift Campaign will implement a quiz within Gran Turismo 7 later this week, and the top prize is the upcoming Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo car.

Following yesterday’s announcement of a Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo concept for Gran Turismo 7 and a subsequent teaser, more information as to how you acquire the car in-game has been released.

During the upcoming Gran Turismo World Series World Finals – the end of the racing esports season, live from Monaco – players will be able to participate in a quiz.

Viewers Gift Campaign

Once you’ve watched each of the four main races live on the Gran Turismo TV YouTube Channel, fire up GT7 and answer questions. Correct answers will net the following items:

  • TOYOTA GAZOO Racing GT Cup – 24th-25th November – 1,000,000 Credits
  • Nations Cup Regional Finals – 25th-26th November – Six-star roulette ticket (parts)
  • Manufacturers Cup Final – 26th-27th November – Six-star roulette ticket (engine)
  • Nations Cup Grand Final – 27th November-4th December – Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo

Setting aside the potentially free car, pending correct quiz answers, the 1 million credits for the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing GT Cup will be very welcome.

Gran Turismo 7 World Seires Viewers Gift Campaign

Interestingly, the Ferrari will be available to purchase through the regular Brand Central at an undisclosed date, however, if you are correct in the quiz, it shall be delivered to you on the 15th December. The rest of the prizes will be distributed on 30th November.

Further content on the way

The quiz follows a Gran Turismo 7 game update on the morning of 24th November, which will also include three new cars. These have now been confirmed as: BMW M2 Competition ’18, Ford Sierra RS 500 Cosworth ’87 and Nissan Silvia K’s Aero (S14)’ 96 thanks to the German PlayStation blog.

Gran Turismo 7's next update to feature 25th Anniversary content - Copy

The full details of the new concept will be unveiled on 27th November 2022 during Nations Cup final broadcast.

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