Gran Turismo 7 players will be able to sell cars in the ‘near-term’

Thomas Harrison-Lord
A returning feature from previous Gran Turismo games, players of the seventh numbered release will soon be able to sell cars for additional credits.
Gran Turismo 7 players will be able to sell cars in the 'near-term'

One feature curiously missing when Gran Turismo 7 launched was the ability to sell cars, but this has now been confirmed as something that will be coming soon.

With well over 400 cars in the racing title at present, you receive a great deal by simply playing through the Licence Tests and Café Menu Books. You can also earn in-game credits to purchase vehicles from Brand Central, the Used Car Dealership and the Legend Cars pavilion.

With credits not exactly free-flowing, not being able to sell cars has removed a revenue stream that was there in previous Gran Turismo titles – excluding the most-recent GT Sport.

PlayStation Store description

This was curious because since launch the PlayStation Store description for Gran Turismo 7 specifically mentioned being able to “sell your way through a solo campaign”.

When I wrote a ‘Five features in Gran Turismo 7 that will hopefully be improved‘ polemic, I raised the issue of not being able to sell cars. I then received a tweet highlighting the Store description.

Despite it then doing the rounds on social media, Reddit, the Store description stay resolution inaccurate. Now, it turns out, it can just stay this way.

Gran Turismo 7, selling cars, PlayStation Store description

Discarding cars in Gran Turismo 7

Currently, if you want to ditch your diesel Mazda Demio, or duplicate Toyota 86 Gr.4, you visit your Garage, and select the option ‘Discard’.

Gran Turismo 7 Discarding cars 01

You receive no credits for this action. Sure, your car collection list is now de-duped, but that all seems rather superfluous. There must surely be a way of selling cars and somehow not affecting the Pokédex-style Car Collection section, with its satisfying red dots?

Gran Turismo 7 Discarding cars

Selling cars returns, soon

Today’s (25th March) confirmation that selling cars will be a feature in Gran Turismo 7 is a welcome one, but when this is specifically happening is not yet clear.

“We also want to take the opportunity to lay out some of the near-term updates we are working on. We can’t confirm an exact date or specifics yet, but will give advance notice via” explained series creator Kazunori Yamauchi on a PlayStation Blog post.

One of those was “make it so cars can be sold”, alongside 24-hour endurance races, further World Cricuit events and Online Time Trials.

Gran Turismo 7, Used Car, Toyota Celica ST205

Each Gran Turismo 7 player will receive 1 million in-game credits today as a way of apology for the recent downtime, and new cars, tracks and features will be arriving in April. There is no time frame for selling cars other than the ‘near term’.

This will hopefully provide a boost in credits for those players trying to save up for some tuning mods, or who buy a car, only to receive it on a Roulette Ticket further down the line.

It’s clear that a clear roadmap for future changes as this has been missing since day one for Gran Turismo 7. This combined with reducing in-game payouts, a lack of obvious communication and extended server maintenance combined to create a perfect storm of disgruntled players.

Being able to sell cars in just one element towards a return to form for the game – let’s hope it arrives in a timely fashion.

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