Yamaha MT-09 added to Ride 4 for free

Yamaha MT-09 Macau

Ride 4’s ‘Bonus Pack 08’ has added the 2020 Yamaha MT-09 to the ever-expanding motorcycle roster. It’s also a free addition.

A little thank you from developer Milestone, this follows on from the last bonus pack earlier this month which also featured a new Yamaha bike, the MT-07.

The MT-09 (are you keeping up with these bike model names?) fits into the ‘Hyper Naked’ category of motorcycles, featuring an 889cc engine housed within a compact aluminium chassis and utilising a suite of electronic rider aides.

Yamaha MT-09

In the game, you also get five new events to try out the new machine. The ‘MT-09 Experience’ trophy is within the Exhibition section of the World League.

That’s it for this current Ride 4 update, but coming up on the 6th May 2021 is a paid DLC pack entitled ‘The Collector’s Pack’, so we’ll update you then with what’s included.

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