Which are the best vehicles to drive in Wreckfest?


Wreckfest is a constant source of joy. We’ll explore what makes the game so replayable in an article coming soon, but your choice of ride definitely has an impact.

There are multiple ways to play but the main ones being to win or to wreck everyone around you. We’re going to explore both.

There’s literally no official licensed content in Wreckfest but littered throughout are obvious tributes to real-world counterparts as well as hilarious meme cars or wrecking machines.

With such a diverse line-up, there are almost too many choices for users. Some cars will also only be unlocked with experience points, through the tournament/fame structure or the regular DLC updates from Bugbear Entertainment.

So without further ado, and in no particular order, here is our selection of vehicles that gives us the most entertainment in Wreckfest.

Battle Bus

Wreckfest Battle Bus
It’s big, it’s heavy and it’s powerful

If you turn up with a Battle Bus, you are clearly in the mood for some wrecking. This vehicle has a powerful shovel on the front of it that enables players to unleash the most amount of damage on their opponents.

Typically Battle Bus users don’t follow the rules. If you’re in a Battle Bus, you’re putting that message out there that you want to see as much chaos and destruction as possible. You’re clearly not winning a banger race in this machine. For us, driving backwards is perfectly acceptable (however you might get banned in some servers).

Regular users can use the school bus from day one in multiplayer (as a loaner before purchasing) but if you want the real deal, you’re going to have to compete in the game’s tournament mode for “Fame” points. 50,000 fame points and this bus is yours to own and keep.

P.S. You can’t upgrade this beast much, but you can chuck in a race engine to boost its power output.

Stock Car

Wreckfest Stock car
Speedy and nimble, could this be your car of choice?

Next up is a light and powerful car with the potential to blow your rivals away… in a competitive sense. The stock car might be more commonly seen on dirt ovals in real life but it’s a solid choice for pretty much any race in Wreckfest.

It handles superbly and, if you can avoid the carnage going on around you and get yourself into some clean air then you might just be able to pull away with the Stock Car’s superior speed and agility.

Erm, it’s not the strongest car in the game though

Failing to do that, well, you might find yourself spectating fairly early on.

You will need the Banger Racing car pack or Season Pass 1 to access it though.


Japanese car fans will love this one. The Razor is a tribute to the R33 Nissan Skyline and looks like the Fast and Furious franchise meets an episode of Top Gear within Wreckfest. Featuring a rear-wheel-drive powertrain, it’s fast off the line and turns in beautifully.

Its performance is relatively strong. We wouldn’t say it was the best car in the game by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s a solid all-round performer. You can, of course, add some armour and performance modifications to tweak to your preferences which might help you hone its overall balance.

The Razor is a DLC car and can be found in the Getaway Car Pack or with Season Pass Season 2.


You can pay homage to the Top Gear motorhome race

Another stupidly fun vehicle to mess around with is the Motorhome. It always brings back memories of watching the episode of Top Gear featuring the BTCC drivers doing what they do best – hitting each other off the track. It was mildly more amusing that they got to do it in a large mobile home that disintegrates around them.

Luckily, Wreckfest gives you the opportunity to do the same thing. It’s a strong vehicle that can sustain an impressive amount of damage. We fancy it’s chances on nice short ovals or figures of 8 if you’re in the mood to ruin someone else’s day.

The good news is that the Motorhome is immediately available to rent in multiplayer so you can get straight down to business when you start the game.


A relatively new addition to the Wreckfest roster is the Stellar. Allegedly based on the Opel Manta, it’s a brilliant little race car that performs exceptionally well on tarmac/asphalt in particular.

The Stellar is a recent, but welcome addition to Wreckfest

It might not be the strongest car out there though. It’s pretty weak and adding too much heavy armour will slow you down of course. We generally prefer taking our chances with it and hoping to outrun the others… before ultimately our attempts end in some kind of disaster.


Finishing up with probably one of the most OP cars in the game. The Bulldog weighs in at an A-class 350 rating with all upgrades purchased and no armour – which is absolutely ridiculous. It handles pretty nicely too for something based on a 1962 Volvo PV544.

The armour additions can give this car a bit more strength (it’s 2.1 at stock) quite easily and without sacrificing too much speed. This makes it one of the fastest all-rounders around and you can find a lot of top drivers taking advantage of this car’s flexibility.

So you’ve seen what vehicles in Wreckfest that we love driving but feel free to let us know on social media if you think we’re missing one!

Stay tuned to Traxion for all the latest Wreckfest news and opinions.

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