WATCH: Toughest Call Yet! | Race Driver: GRID Episode 25

John Munro’s Let’s Play Race Driver: GRID Series is nearing it’s conclusion, and if things keep going the way they have lately, this series should be wrapping up any day now. John Traxion has pretty much done everything there is to do in the GRID World Series, that is, except with the GT1 Brembo World GT Championship.

Back in Episode 21, John was absolutely demolished by his new teammate at the time, David Dempsey, a specialist in GT1 racing. Rick Racing definitely has a talented lineup, but in John’s case, is his teammate too talented?

To start things off, Rick Racing is going into the championship in brand-new Koenigsegg CCGT GT1. The tracks on the table are pretty difficult as well – a backwards Jarama, Istanbul Park, the Nurburgring, the always challenging Shibuya, and a Washington finale. To make things worse, David Dempsey wins the first two races right out of the gate and John isn’t a fan of the Koenigsegg handling.

With a second attempt just minutes into the episode, John is going to swap the team over to the Lamborghini Murcielago RGT. Also, David Dempsey just can’t be beat, so will John, Mick and Carmen go a different direction in order to get John the last title he needs? Will we see yet another new Rick Racing driver in this playthrough?

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