WATCH: John Munro plays GRID Legends: Driven to Glory, Part 2

Last weekend, we brought you the first of a three part recap of John Munro’s GRID Legends: Driven to Glory playthrough. John went through the missions live on the Traxion.GG Twitch channel during the launch of the game, and now we’ve condensed that into highlights from the streams.

In this week’s episode, John is finishing up with the start of the story and moving into the meat of the action. We know from the first mission that Seneca Racing, with Yume Tanaka and Driver 22 behind the wheels, make it into the top level of the GRID World Series before an unfortunate incident befalls Yume.

John doesn’t quite make it to the Yume incident in the story yet, but we do finally get to advance to the top level. Here, we finally meet Ravenwest and the McKanes, Nathan the driver and Ryan the team principal. Lara Carvalho is the other Ravenwest driver, but John thinks that she’s possibly not just another evil Ravenwest driver…

This week, John will take on the Electric Formula E-type cars, GT2s, Touring Cars, Trophy Trucks, multi-class racing, GT1s, Pro Trucks, Electric Supercars, Brabham BT62s, Ford GT40s and Ariel Atoms. Talk about a spectrum of different racing genres!

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