How Hot Wheels Unleashed surpassed expectations | Traxion.GG Podcast S4 E2

In this episode of the Traxion.GG podcast, we speak to Federico Carlo Riccardo Spada, the Hot Wheels Unleashed lead developer at Milestone.

He’s worked for over five years at the Milanese game developer, before working on this hugely successful racer that has re-energised this segment of the racing game genre.

Hot Wheels unleashed recently sold over one million copies, was profitable from only its second day on sale and has seen unique post-release content such as the Gucci Cadillac.

We discuss with Federico the development challenges faced with releasing a game across four platforms at launch and how the learnings from this game impact other Milestone titles. We also touch upon the extensive downloadable content for the game, including the upcoming Monster Trucks expansion.

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