WATCH: THIS is why Wreckfest is so addictive!

Maybe it’s the way vehicles deform. Like an empty bag of crisps, your car (or sofa) can be a crumpled heap in seconds. There’s something so satisfying about that in a virtual world where no injuries – other than to pride – can occur.

Then again, it’s probably the track design. A mixture of Scandinavian-themed folkrace or rallycross venues alongside giant destruction arenas and even a ‘Wrecknado’. Yes, it’s probably that.

Although, come to think of it, the Tournament mode is pretty appealing. Monthly updates with new content teamed with daily and weekly challenges where I can earn credits and new vehicles. Yes, that is pretty alluring.

No, wait, I’ve got it. It’s the handling. Yes, Wreckfest may be a daft game, but each car is unique to drive, behaves differently to upgrades and has a feeling of solidarity that really a game of this ilk doesn’t deserve to possess. It’s definitely the handling.

But, upon reflection, it’s really a combination of all the above benefits, plus a certain charm that’s hard to put your finger on. That’s why Wreckfest is so addictive! I think. Or is it being able to drive the wrong way around a track in a combine harvester? Oh, forget it. Just watch our video about Wreckfest and enjoy the carnage.

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