WATCH: Take your racing to the NEXT LEVEL! GT Track Cockpit Review

When it comes to creating the ultimate sim-racing set-up, for PC or console, having a ‘sim rig’ is often seen as the way to go. One crucial element of the ideal rig is a cockpit, one like this Next Level Racing GT Track, for example.

Watch our in-depth video review, from the packaging to the end user experience, to see if the GT Cockpit is the right one for you.

Priced from £699/$899/€799, it includes mounting points for wheel bases and pedals, plus includes the chair. There is also plenty of adjustability to find the optimum seating (and sleeping) positions, plus scope for further additions in the future such as motion platforms.

We test the complimentary Next Level Racing monitor stand too within this video. Let us know in the comments if this cockpit seems like one you may purchase.

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