WATCH: Let’s Play TOCA Race Driver 3, Episode 28

Is John Traxion about to become the Formula 1 World Champion? Tier 31 of my TOCA Race Driver 3 Let’s Play continues, driving that Williams BMW FW27 from 2005 once more in the final two races of the challenge.

Of the five races in this challenge, last week I took on Silverstone, Spa and Bahrain. Silverstone wasn’t my strongest outing, but I was able to score victories in the other two events. Today, I’ll take on Shanghai and Hockenheim to hopefully close out this second-to-last tier in the World Tour.

It’s still the old Formula 1 points where only the Top 6 finishers get points. I am leading by nine points over my championship rival Connway. Things are in my favour, let’s see if we can get Rick another victory or two today. If I can become the World Champion, there’s only one last tier to complete.

If this is your first time here, watch the previous 27 episodes in the series to see how we’ve gotten this close to glory. Smash that like button, make sure you’ve pressed subscribe, and leave a comment to let us know what you’d like to see next once this Let’s Play is complete!

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