WATCH: Let’s Play TOCA Race Driver 3, Episode 26

We’re back into the World Tour with Tier 30 this week in my TOCA Race Driver 3 Let’s Play. Rick, hang on to your hat because we’re flying towards the finish of this series.

Last week, I started my 4×4 Off Road Tour career at the Brands Hatch Rallycross course. I didn’t score any points after a rough outing. This week, we continue the quest to be the ultimate TOCA Race Driver with some 4×4 races at International Rallycross Short and National Dirt Raceway Stage 3.

I’m wheeling the Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution for Danny Mason Racing in this attempt. This competition-based car was designed specifically for the Dakar Rally. These 4×4 Off Road vehicles are a bit of a handful, but the AI drivers are having a tougher time than I am. It’s fun when they’re all grouped together and start bouncing off one another.

Anyway, John Traxion needs to finish at least second in the overall points to advance. If this doesn’t work out, I could always give GT Tuning Cup another shot, but like the last episode, it’s all serious business from here on out.

Thank you for the continued support and comments on these videos. I know that if I can make it through Tier 30 that the final two will be the toughest. If you haven’t already, check out the previous 25 episodes in the series.

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