WATCH: Let’s Play Race Driver: GRID, Episode 4

Here it is, the fourth episode in my Let’s Play Race Driver: GRID play through. The Rick Racing team made some heavy progress last week and I’m looking to continue that today. Seeing as we raced in some North American and European races last time out, we’re heading to Japan for this entire episode.

This week, John Traxion gets a crash course in the Touge racing discipline as I race my Mustang up and down the mountainside. Mick pronounces it in a way I’ve never heard before, so now I wonder if I’ve learned it wrong or if the Americans are saying it wrong.

I’m also doing some basic circuit racing after that in a preowned Toyota Supra that I purchased from eBay. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the best outing in those first two events. Carmen didn’t have to cut so deep by asking me to turn down the difficulty. I can do this, Carmen.

The last leg of my Japanese journey takes me back to drifting, which I hopefully remembered how to score points correctly in this time. I had to buy a third car for my garage, a Toyota Corolla GT-S, specifically for drifting.

Can we continue our forward progress in GRID World? If you haven’t yet, be sure to watch the first three episodes in the series. If you like what you see, be sure to like, subscribe, and ring the bell so you get notified when a new video goes live on the Traxion channel. Until next week!

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